Monday, May 4, 2015

6 Days...I'm in love!!

Hello Everyone!!

Ok, let me just start out by saying BEING A MISSIONARY IS AWESOME! I love it so much! So I'm in Cali now! My first area is the Santa Rosa North area! It covers pretty much most of downtown Santa Rosa! Also, the mission home and office are in the ward I'm over so me and my companion work along side with the APs! All five of us are over the Brush Creek Ward! So my companion is Sister Lesser! She is an AMAZING missionary and an even better trainer! We get along so great! She even laughs at my dumb jokes haha but i love her to death! President and Sister Alba are pretty much the most enthusiastic people I have ever met! They love everything and everyone so much! And they love having a good time! They live in our ward boundaries so I get to see them a lot more often then all other missionaries! I'm sad they are leaving in July! 
So I arrived in Oakland around 11am on Tuesday! The mission president, his wife, and the APs were there waiting for us! They feed us lunch and then we had to drive about 2 hours to get to the mission office in Santa Rosa. That was the most beautiful, scenic drive I have ever been on!! NORTHERN CALIFORNIA IS BEAUTIFUL!! I'm in love. There were so many vinyards and trees and everything is so green! When we got to the mission office it was transfer meeting so a lot of missionaries were there! They all cheered and clapped for us greenies as we walked inside haha it was really funny! Then we stayed at the mission office all afternoon learning the rules of the mission. Then we went to the mission home and had dinner with the Albas, the APs, and the four trainers that would be training us. Then they took us to a hotel where we stayed there for the night. In the morning, the APs picked us up and took us back to the mission office where we were assigned our trainers! I got Sister Lesser which meant I would be staying in Santa Rosa! I was SO happy! I have fallen in love with this city! Also, I was assigned as the designated driver. So I get to drive everywhere, which I really like! I'm trying my hardest to learn the area as fast as i can! I got settled in to the apartment, and then we went straight to work! We went contacting on the street of Santa Rosa for about two hours! and I LOVE IT! i love talking to everyone about Jesus Christ and His gospel! Its awesome! As a mission we have a goal called the 20-3-1 that we have to reach everyday. Contact 20 poeple, teach 3 lessons, and invite 1 person to be baptized! Its the coolest thing ever. Heavenly Father really helps out with this goal every single day! I have seen so many miracles already and I've only been out 6 days! So on my first day out in the field, we contacted 22 people, we taught 3 lessons, and i invited someone to be baptized! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! i feel so protected and watched over all the time! 
i wish I could give every single detail, but just know that the power of prayer is SO real and that the Spirit is SO real. I have never felt the spirit stronger and i have never prayed so hard! Working with the members is so important! i love having dinner almost every night at different members houses! Each person i meet has such an awesome spirit about them! i have so much love for the people of northern california!! know that i am doing so great and that my burning desire to share and teach has never been greater! I love you all!!

Love, Sister Thompson

ps. my address is 4663 Sonoma Hwy Santa Rosa, CA 95409

Me and Moby(the car) with the mission office behind us
We were at a less actives house teaching and helping out and one of
his cats jumped onto my shoulder haha my companion took a picture

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