Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 7!

Hello family!!

So normally transfers would be happening tomorrow, but this transfer
is a 7 week transfer! So we will be finding out this weekend who is
staying and who is going! I'm really grateful it's been a 7 week
transfer because I love where I am right now! I love my companions and
I love this area! So here are some highlights from this week!

On Tuesday, during district meeting I taught about prayer and the
importance of prayer and teaching our investigators to pray. I did a
cute little activity as my commitment(I have way to much fun teaching
haha) but I had everyone in the district put a penny in their shoes. I
called it a prayer penny. So every time they felt the penny, they had
to offer a silent prayer. I also put a penny in my shoe, and let me
tell you, my day went so much better! I felt the penny a lot
throughout the day, but I found that there was so much more I was
grateful for and it just made me realize that everything I have or do
is because of Heavenly Father. It was great being able to stay in good
contact with Him throughout my day! Everyone in the district loved it
also. I think I might put a penny in every pair of shoes I own! After
district meeting, I went on exchanges with Sister Aiton! She is
seriously the cutest and I just love her! She definitely came
pre-trained! She is the most ungreen greenie I've ever met! We sent
the majority of the day in Suisun City!

On Wednesday we had an awesome skype lesson with our YSA investigator
Lyndon! We taught him about the gospel of Jesus Christ and the spirit
was so strong during the lesson! He is literally the definition of a
golden investigator! We ask him questions and he will give us the
preach my gospel answer. He is so great! We set a baptismal date with
him! For April 30th! We think it might be pushed up earlier, because
Lyndon is just so ready, but we will see!

Thursday we went to Rio Vista for the day! Missionaries haven't lived
in Rio Vista for about six months now, so they are closing down the
apartment, so our zone went out there and helped clear out and clean
the apartment! Rio Vista is about a 45 minute drive away from where we
live and the drive out there is GORGEOUS! Northern California is
seriously SO pretty! I love it here!

On Friday I went to Santa Rosa for the day for MLC! It was such an
awesome meeting! I rode up with Sister Bear, she's from Sugar City,
ID! I love sister bear! So we left my apartment around 6:15am because
it takes about an hour with no traffic to get to Santa Rosa, and last
MLC we left at 6:30am and showed up at the Bagder Building at 8:58am
and MLC starts at 9. So we left a little bit earlier this time just in
case, but we ended up getting to Santa Rosa at 7:30am haha so we were
an hour and a half early this time! Haha we went out to breakfast and
then went and stayed with the Santa Rosa sisters for the rest of the
time! Haha we got a good laugh out of that! But MLC was SOOO good! I
love hearing from President and Sister Wright and the assistants!

The generals women's conference was so good! I was definitely in tears
from the choir! I loved that! Unfortunately, we didn't have any
investigators there, they were all with family this Easter weekend.
But the Fairfield 1st elders had an investigator there so we sat with
her! Her name is Daphne and she just moved to the USA from Haiti! She
speaks French and she is currently learning English so it's fun
talking with her! I was able to say hi and introduce myself in French
when I met her a couple weeks ago for the first time and she got so
excited and started speaking French to me, but I couldn't keep up.
Haha she is so cute and we all love her!

Easter was so good! Once again, we didn't have any investigators
there. Which was sad, but they were all with their families so I guess
that's ok haha. I loved all the talks and musicals numbers in both
wards! I love the spirit of Easter! We have two dinner appointments
which is always a great thing! And we spent the rest of the day
visiting less actives who didn't have any family with them! Overall,
it was a great Easter!

I hope you all have an awesome week! Spring is here! Take time to not
only smell the roses, but also the spiritual roses in your life! I
love you all!

Love always, Sister Thompson 🌻

Sister Aiton and I in Suisun City!

Suisun City!

Dinner at Seymore's and their little girls wanted to wear our name tags.

Drive out to Rio Vista!
Service at rio Vista!

Rio Vista!

Sister Bear and I showing up early!
Service at a less actives house!

This cute girls name is Scarlet. She is the granddaughter of a less
active! She is adorable!
Members took these pictures of us! Love this Ward!

Pictures from our hike today at Rockville Park!

Monday, March 21, 2016


Hey family!

Oh man, what a great week! I love being a missionary! I could do
missionary work for the rest of my life. Which I plan on doing!

To start off, district meeting this week was awesome! I taught about
teaching repentance and baptizing converts! I love how simple our
purpose is as missionaries! We are to teach repentance and baptize
converts! We also did a companionship trust activity during district
meeting haha Sister Aiton was blind folded and I had to guide her
through a "laser field"(a hallway with yarn taped across it)! I am so
bad at those kinds of activities! Haha if it was real lasers, sister
Aiton definitely would be missing a few limbs haha! We also had
interviews with President Wright after district meeting! I absolutely
adore President Wright! I could literally sit there and talk to him
for hours! My interview with him was great and I ended up talking to
sister wright afterwards for a while! I love President and Sister
Wright SO much! After interviews, I went on exchanges with Hermana
Reidhead in her area! It's crazy, so Hermana Reidhead was my first STL
on the mission and now I will probably be her last STL! I look up to
Hermana Reidhead so much so it was crazy for me to be the one offering
training to her! We had a great time on exchanges and we were both
edifices and uplifted by the end! I have loved being a Sister Training
Leader! It's such a humbling experience being able to help and serve
the sisters here. It's hard knowing everything that someone is
struggling with, but I have learned how to truly rely on the spirit
when it comes to helping someone through their trials. Often times, I
can't sympathize with people because my struggles are a lot different
than theirs, but Heavenly Father knows exactly what they need and He
sends His spirit to work through me to help them. It's amazing being
that instrument for Him. I want to live my life in such a way that I
am always a worthy instrument for Heavenly Father. I want to always
live worthy of the spirit.

We had another two amazing lessons with Ally this week! We have come
up with so many cute little games and activities to help her learn!
And they are working! She is progressing so much and we have set a
baptismal date for her for April 16th! Ally and her mom came to church
yesterday and loved it! Pray that she will continue to progress and
make it to her baptismal date in April!

We handed Heather off this week to the Fremont sisters :( it was a sad
day, but we have such a good feeling about Heather! She is definitely
going to be baptized soon! Hopefully we can keep in contact with her
and skype into her baptism!

On Friday night the stake put on an adult dinner dance and we got to
go because our investigators Shirley and Jessica came! It was a 50s
themed dance and it was so cute! We helped serve the food to everyone
too so we had aprons on and diner hats and we served everyone their
food! Never thought I'd be doing that on my mission! Haha after
everyone ate, they turned on 50s music and everyone started dancing!
We weren't allowed to dance, but we had a fun time watching! Shirley
and Jessica had a good time! Then on Saturday night, they put on a
youth stake dance with the same theme, and guess what? We got to go!
Haha this time it was because the person who had signed up to feed us
that night forgot that she said she would help serve food at the
dance, so we went and helped her and also ate there! Now speaking of
things I never thought I would do on my mission, at the youth dance,
they had it set up like a diner so we took their orders and then when
it was ready, we would run the food from the kitchen to the gym and
yell out the name on the order. Haha so picture three sister
missionaries running to and from the kitchen and the gym, yelling out
names like 5 or 6 times until the kid finally heard us. We were
laughing so hard and the kids were laughing too! It was hilarious! We
only stayed at that dance until we had finished dinner and then we
left, but it was a great time!

So at church yesterday, in the Cordelia 1st Ward, we performed a
special musical number! Sister Aiton played piano, I sang, and sister
Ward turned pages haha it turned out really well! Then in the YSA Ward
our investigator Lyndon came! Yesterday was my first time actually
meeting Lyndon because he works a lot and he had been pretty sick the
last couple of weeks, but he is awesome! He's 22 and currently going
to school at Sac State and in ROTC. He had a really good friend in
high school that was Mormon and that's what sparked his interest in
the church! After sacrament meeting we pulled him and a member aside
and taught him a lesson! We taught the plan of salvation and it was an
incredible lesson! Lyndon has such a strong desire to learn and he has
such an amazing spirit about him! He wants to be baptized so he is
currently praying about a date to be baptized on! He is so golden!

Easter is coming up this week! What a perfect time to study, reflect
upon, and remember our Savior! I am so so SOOO grateful for the
Atonement of Jesus Christ. Wow. What an incredible thing He did for
us! I want to share with you the lyrics from the song I sang in
sacrament meeting yesterday. The song is called "Still Believe".

I haven't seen His face, But I have seen His miracles
I haven't heard His voice, But His spirit speaks to my heart
I haven't felt His hands, But I have felt His peace
And blessed are those who haven't seen
And still believe that He lives
And still believe that He walked upon the earth
And though my faith is just a seed, I still believe
I didn't walk with Him, But each day He's here by my side
I didn't watched as He healed, But His love has changed my life
I didn't see the cross, But I know it was for me
And blessed are those who haven't seen
And still believe that He lives
And still believe that He walked upon the earth
And though my faith is just a seed, I still believe
I haven't seen His eyes, But someday He'll look into mine
And if He bids me come, I will worship at His feet
For blessed are those, who haven't seen
And still believe

I know the Jesus Christ lives and loves each of us! May His love and
spirit touch us all this week as we reflect upon His life and His
ministry! I invite you to check out the church's Easter video
Hallelujah on! Then share it with someone! #Hallelujah I
love you all and hope you have an amazing week!

Love always, Sister Thompson 🌻
District Meeting Activities

Marsh lands in Suisun City

St. Patrick's day dinner at the Thomas's! Corn beef and cabbage of
course! We are in the backyard and took pictures before! Aaron is
their 14 year old son with downs and he's hilarious. I'm also holding
their dog Kevin. Haha

Pictures from the 50s dance! Shirley and Jessica

Lyndon and us after church yesterday!

Thanks to a loving mother, we got Carl's Jr. for lunch this week!
We got to go on the Travis Air Force Base this week!

cute photo shoot we had!