Wednesday, January 27, 2016

What a Great Week!!

Hello family! :)

This week seemed super long, but it was an awesome week! I'll tell
about our investigators right now and then I will tell you some of the
stuff we were able to do this week!

So the Fifita family! We had great lessons with them this week and the
kids are really opening up to us! But their dad is getting in the
way...the whole family was ready and excited to come to church
yesterday, but the dad showed up right before they left and started
yelling at Ulita and the kids. One of the boys, Fa, the fourteen year
old stood up for himself and told his dad that he liked the mormon
church and he wanted to go, but the dad just got more mad and didn't
allow anyone to go to church. When Ulita told us this story, it broke
our hearts! We had asked the dad a couple of weeks ago if it was ok
that we were teaching his kids and that they were getting baptized and
he said it was ok with him. But he definitely not ok with it. So now
we aren't sure what to do. The family wants to come to church and be
baptized but the father won't allow it. Ulita has been trying to file
for divorce but it will take time. So for right now we will continue
to teach them and pray for them!

Anna and Antonio! Camilo's kids! They are doing so good! They are
GETTING BAPTIZED THIS SATURDAY at 11am! They were interviewed for
baptism on Saturday and they passed! They are both so excited for
their baptisms this weekend and so are we! Also, the coolest part is
that Camilo will be baptizing them! It has been such an amazing
experience being able to teach the Gomes family! And soon they will
all be members of the church! Pray that everything will go well this
weekend at their baptism!

So this past week was incredible! We had a world wide missionary
broadcast on Wednesday morning where different general authorities
spoke! It was so cool to think that all missionaries all over the
world were watching the broadcast at the exact same time! Such a cool
experience! Also, Sister Nelson and I sang in sacrament meeting
yesterday! We sang because it was a girls farewell in our ward! We
sang "What Heaven Sees in You" and it turned out really well! So well
that the stake president asked us to sing at stake conference in a
couple of weeks! Haha it should be fun!

Other than that, this week was super awesome! Sister Nelson and I
ALWAYS laugh so hard everyday and we always pray that it will be the
best day ever! And it always it! Know that I am doing great no having
the time of my life serving the Lord here in Petaluma!

Love always, Sister Thompson 🌻

Monday, January 18, 2016

9 Months and I Guess my Body Needed a Break

Hello family!

Ok, let me update you with everyone we are teaching first, and then I
will tell you about this awesome, sad, crazy, weird, dreams coming
true week we've had!

So Camilo and his kids: Camilo is having a rough time right now at
work and with friends but he is clinging to the iron rod like none
other! His testimony of this gospel is so strong and he knows that he
can rely on it to get him through hard times! He awesome! And his kids
are doing great! We didn't get a chance to meet with them this week
because Anna went to youth conference in Santa Rosa all day Saturday!
Woo! We were so excited when we found out that she went! I'll tell you
more about this youth conference thing later on in the letter though!
As of right now, they are still preparing themselves to be baptized on
the 30th of this month! :)

The Fifita family: we had an awesome lesson
with them on Tuesday, but other than that, we couldn't get a ahold of
them all week. And when Sunday came around, they were no where to be after much prayer we have decided to postpone their baptism
until they come to church more regularly. :( HEARTBREAKING huh? We
have been working SO hard with them, and they love everything we are
teaching and they loved church last week, but they are lacking that
solid testimony. But we will keep working with them but pray that they
will each have a desire to pray and gain their own testimonies!

JoAnne: after meeting with Joanne this week, she has
asks us to stop coming over. #LiterallyHeartBroken. She was able to
make it to a little bit of sacrament meeting last week, but she just
couldn't handle all the change. She has bad anxiety and coming to a
new church last week was just too much for her. She loves us and the
"feeling and presence" that we bring into her home(Aka the spirit),
but she said that she just can't join a new organized religion right
now and didn't want us wasting our time with her when she knows so
many other people out there need this message we share. It was really
cool hearing her say all this stuff, but it was heart breaking to know
that she just couldn't do it right now. Hopefully somewhere down the
line, she'll call the missionaries again when she feels ready, but man
oh man, I am going to miss teaching Joanne!

Ok, let me tell you about having Sister Amie Wright with us all week!
So I absolutely adore Sister Wright! I loved having her come to
lessons with us back in Santa Rosa so spending the whole week with her
was awesome! She had a hard time adjusting to missionary life(I forgot
how different missionary life is from regular life), so she was
physically exhausted everyday. But she loved all the teaching
experiences she had and the people she was able to meet! She really
has a talent for teaching! So even is she doesn't decided to serve a
mission, she will definitely have a calling in the future that will
enable her to use her talent for teaching!

So on Friday I hit my 9 month mark! But I guess after 9 months of hard
work, my body decided it needed a break. I got pretty sick Friday
night and it lasted all day Saturday and now I'm still trying to
regain my strength. I was in bed all day Saturday with a fever,
chills, and body aches. It was terrible. I spent most of the day in
bed because I didn't have the strength to even get out of bed. But
don't worry, I am feeling much better now, but I'm still physically
exhausted. But I was determined to go to church yesterday because
guess what? So remember the youth conference I was telling you about?
So the special guest was ELAINE S. DALTON. And guess who was coming to
our church for sacrament meeting? ELAINE S. DALTON. And guess who I
got to meet and talk to one on one yesterday? ELAINE S. DALTON. And
guess who did a special fireside for all the women in the stake/area
DREAM COME TRUE! I love Elaine S. Dalton!! And she looked at me right
in the eyes and talked to me and asked me about my life and it was
soooo cool! It was seriously one of the coolest experiences meeting
one of my role models growing up! I will never forget it!

So pretty much this week was crazy but SOOO good! I am so grateful for
the experiences I had this week! I love you all and hope you have a
great week!

Love always, Sister Thompson 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Hello friends and family!

Ok, so a lot of this happened this week and a lot of it was good but
if I wrote out every single detail it would take a week for you to
read it haha so here are the highlights from the week!

We did a lot of service this week! Yard work for Bear and Terri where
we were tackling black berry bushes in the pouring rain, farm work for
sister Fleming where we were tackling goats and sheep in a lot of
mud/poop, and we helped a lady moved into our ward! I love doing

We had awesome lessons this week with the Fifita family! They are
progressing so well and guess what? ALL 9 OF THEM CAME TO CHURCH
YESTERDAY! That's a huge step for them, but they are making the steps
towards baptism! We also set a challenge with the kids of who could
read the Book of Mormon the fastest haha each time we go over they
fight about who is farther along in the book! It's great! The kids are
really starting to open up and share the spiritual experiences they
are having! I am so grateful for this chance I have to teach this
family! I love them so much!

Camilo's kids made it to church yesterday as well! They are both
excited again for their baptism on the 30th but pray that the
enthusiasm they have will stay until then! They are such good kids!
Also pray that the Fifita family will continue to be excited and ready
for their baptisms on the 23rd!

So remember our investigator JoAnne? The 71 year old lady that was
having a really hard time finding the courage to come to church? Well
guess what? SHE CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY! She only stayed for about 30
minutes of sacrament meeting, but still, this is a huge step for her!
We were so happy to see her there and it looked like she was really
enjoying it! We will follow up with her this week about her experience
at church! But overall, church yesterday was great! We had 8
investigators there and in every auxiliary! Sister Nelson and I went
to primary for a little bit because the Fifita kids were latched unto
us at first, but they quickly made friends and enjoyed the rest of
primary! What a blessing yesterday was!

Then to add to the awesome day we had yesterday, President Wright
called us and told us that we would be having a girl from the Santa
Rosa stake coming to be in a trio with us for the week. This girl is
trying to figure out if she wants to go on the mission, so president
wright chose us to have her under our wing for the week! I am so
excited because the girl that is staying with us is Amie Wright,
president wrights 19 year old daughter! I love Amie! She use to come
to lessons with us back when I served in Santa Rosa! But it's a huge
honor for us to have our mission presidents daughter with us for an
entire week! We are so excited and can't wait to pick her up tonight!

Well, know that I am doing great and loving every second! It's such an
amazing experience helping people come unto Christ and to partake of
the sweet fruit of this gospel! I love watching the whole conversion
process and I'm so grateful for this opportunity I have to help Gods
children come to the fold! I love this work and I love this gospel!

Love always, Sister Thompson 🌻

Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy 2016!!

Hello friends and family! :)

What an incredible week we've had here in Petaluma, California! Have I
ever told you how much I love being a missionary? Well, I absolutely
love it! There is nothing better!

So to start off, let me telling you what is happening this week with
transfers! Sike, I'm going to wait till the end of the letter to tell
you :) here are some highlights of my week!

We went on exchanges this week! I went to Rohnert Park this time with
Sister Malmfeldt! She is from Cumming, Georgia and I absolutely adore
her! She's been out about five months and she been here in our zone
the whole time! We have become really good friends so exchanges with
her was so fun! We taught lessons, talked to people, and worked on
Sister Flemings farm!

On New Year's Eve, sister Nelson and I met with the Fifita family! So
the holidays were crazy for them, so teaching them was super hard, but
when we went over that night, their dad was there. Now, Ulita and her
husband are still married but he doesn't live at the home anymore. We
had only seen him one other time since I've been teaching the family.
We had heard stories from the kids and Ultia that made the dad sound
kind of mean and really against the church(plus, he's a big Tongan
man, so that just makes him look scary). So when we walked in, and the
kids saw us and their dad in the same room, everyone went silent. We
started talking to the dad, having a nice casual conversation with
him. And it actually went really well! He started opening up to us
about his past and his views on the church! The whole time, I was
praying for the courage to ask him permission to teach and baptize his
kids. Finally, God gave me the courage to straight up ask him for his
permission. As soon as I asked, all the kids just looked at me like
'what are you doing sister Thompson?' But guess what? The father said
that he didn't care and that he was ok with it!!! He said that most of
his friends growing up were members of the church and he liked his
friends, so he said it was fine! All the kids looked so shocked! After
the dad left, Fusi was telling us how awkward that could have been
because they all thought for sure that their dad was going to say no!
So after talking with them, we set a new baptismal date for them for
January 23rd! That will give them enough time to come to church a
couple more times and make more friendships in the ward! We were so
grateful that everything went well with there dad though! Our prayers
were answered!

We were also able to meet with Camilo's kids on Saturday! Anna and
Antonio are doing great! We talked to them for a little bit and turns
out Anna has been reading the Book of Mormon on her own! WOOO! It has
been about two weeks since we last met with them, so we were scared
that they weren't going to want to come to church anymore or be
baptized, but they both said that they have their own desire to be
baptized now! I definitely know Heavenly Father heard our prayers for
them and by Anna reading the Book of Mormon, their hearts have be
touched by the spirit! So we set a baptismal date for them for January
30th! Camilo is so excited for them and now that he has the
priesthood, he will be able to baptize his kids! So amazing!

On Friday night we had an awesome lesson with our investigator JoAnne!
We brought Amelia with us and they connected SO well! Man, I love
working with the members! The fire of missionary work is contagious
and it's spreading like wildfire in our ward! At church yesterday,
multiple members were telling us of their own missionary moments they
were having! Some even gave us referrals for their friends! I love
this ward! Which reminds me, transfers!

That's right! I am going to be in Petaluma, CA for 7 1/2 months! I am
SOOOO happy!!! I absolutely LOVE Petaluma! The people, the ward,
everything! It's super super rare for a sister to even do six months
in an area, so Heavenly Father must really need me here right now! I
am so grateful that I get to spend another transfer here in the
Petaluma 1st ward! Well know that Sister Nelson and I are doing great!
We laugh so hard everyday and have fun while doing this marvelous
work! I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love always, Sister Thompson 🌻