Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Hello friends and family!

Ok, so a lot of this happened this week and a lot of it was good but
if I wrote out every single detail it would take a week for you to
read it haha so here are the highlights from the week!

We did a lot of service this week! Yard work for Bear and Terri where
we were tackling black berry bushes in the pouring rain, farm work for
sister Fleming where we were tackling goats and sheep in a lot of
mud/poop, and we helped a lady moved into our ward! I love doing

We had awesome lessons this week with the Fifita family! They are
progressing so well and guess what? ALL 9 OF THEM CAME TO CHURCH
YESTERDAY! That's a huge step for them, but they are making the steps
towards baptism! We also set a challenge with the kids of who could
read the Book of Mormon the fastest haha each time we go over they
fight about who is farther along in the book! It's great! The kids are
really starting to open up and share the spiritual experiences they
are having! I am so grateful for this chance I have to teach this
family! I love them so much!

Camilo's kids made it to church yesterday as well! They are both
excited again for their baptism on the 30th but pray that the
enthusiasm they have will stay until then! They are such good kids!
Also pray that the Fifita family will continue to be excited and ready
for their baptisms on the 23rd!

So remember our investigator JoAnne? The 71 year old lady that was
having a really hard time finding the courage to come to church? Well
guess what? SHE CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY! She only stayed for about 30
minutes of sacrament meeting, but still, this is a huge step for her!
We were so happy to see her there and it looked like she was really
enjoying it! We will follow up with her this week about her experience
at church! But overall, church yesterday was great! We had 8
investigators there and in every auxiliary! Sister Nelson and I went
to primary for a little bit because the Fifita kids were latched unto
us at first, but they quickly made friends and enjoyed the rest of
primary! What a blessing yesterday was!

Then to add to the awesome day we had yesterday, President Wright
called us and told us that we would be having a girl from the Santa
Rosa stake coming to be in a trio with us for the week. This girl is
trying to figure out if she wants to go on the mission, so president
wright chose us to have her under our wing for the week! I am so
excited because the girl that is staying with us is Amie Wright,
president wrights 19 year old daughter! I love Amie! She use to come
to lessons with us back when I served in Santa Rosa! But it's a huge
honor for us to have our mission presidents daughter with us for an
entire week! We are so excited and can't wait to pick her up tonight!

Well, know that I am doing great and loving every second! It's such an
amazing experience helping people come unto Christ and to partake of
the sweet fruit of this gospel! I love watching the whole conversion
process and I'm so grateful for this opportunity I have to help Gods
children come to the fold! I love this work and I love this gospel!

Love always, Sister Thompson 🌻

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