Wednesday, January 27, 2016

What a Great Week!!

Hello family! :)

This week seemed super long, but it was an awesome week! I'll tell
about our investigators right now and then I will tell you some of the
stuff we were able to do this week!

So the Fifita family! We had great lessons with them this week and the
kids are really opening up to us! But their dad is getting in the
way...the whole family was ready and excited to come to church
yesterday, but the dad showed up right before they left and started
yelling at Ulita and the kids. One of the boys, Fa, the fourteen year
old stood up for himself and told his dad that he liked the mormon
church and he wanted to go, but the dad just got more mad and didn't
allow anyone to go to church. When Ulita told us this story, it broke
our hearts! We had asked the dad a couple of weeks ago if it was ok
that we were teaching his kids and that they were getting baptized and
he said it was ok with him. But he definitely not ok with it. So now
we aren't sure what to do. The family wants to come to church and be
baptized but the father won't allow it. Ulita has been trying to file
for divorce but it will take time. So for right now we will continue
to teach them and pray for them!

Anna and Antonio! Camilo's kids! They are doing so good! They are
GETTING BAPTIZED THIS SATURDAY at 11am! They were interviewed for
baptism on Saturday and they passed! They are both so excited for
their baptisms this weekend and so are we! Also, the coolest part is
that Camilo will be baptizing them! It has been such an amazing
experience being able to teach the Gomes family! And soon they will
all be members of the church! Pray that everything will go well this
weekend at their baptism!

So this past week was incredible! We had a world wide missionary
broadcast on Wednesday morning where different general authorities
spoke! It was so cool to think that all missionaries all over the
world were watching the broadcast at the exact same time! Such a cool
experience! Also, Sister Nelson and I sang in sacrament meeting
yesterday! We sang because it was a girls farewell in our ward! We
sang "What Heaven Sees in You" and it turned out really well! So well
that the stake president asked us to sing at stake conference in a
couple of weeks! Haha it should be fun!

Other than that, this week was super awesome! Sister Nelson and I
ALWAYS laugh so hard everyday and we always pray that it will be the
best day ever! And it always it! Know that I am doing great no having
the time of my life serving the Lord here in Petaluma!

Love always, Sister Thompson 🌻

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