Monday, January 18, 2016

9 Months and I Guess my Body Needed a Break

Hello family!

Ok, let me update you with everyone we are teaching first, and then I
will tell you about this awesome, sad, crazy, weird, dreams coming
true week we've had!

So Camilo and his kids: Camilo is having a rough time right now at
work and with friends but he is clinging to the iron rod like none
other! His testimony of this gospel is so strong and he knows that he
can rely on it to get him through hard times! He awesome! And his kids
are doing great! We didn't get a chance to meet with them this week
because Anna went to youth conference in Santa Rosa all day Saturday!
Woo! We were so excited when we found out that she went! I'll tell you
more about this youth conference thing later on in the letter though!
As of right now, they are still preparing themselves to be baptized on
the 30th of this month! :)

The Fifita family: we had an awesome lesson
with them on Tuesday, but other than that, we couldn't get a ahold of
them all week. And when Sunday came around, they were no where to be after much prayer we have decided to postpone their baptism
until they come to church more regularly. :( HEARTBREAKING huh? We
have been working SO hard with them, and they love everything we are
teaching and they loved church last week, but they are lacking that
solid testimony. But we will keep working with them but pray that they
will each have a desire to pray and gain their own testimonies!

JoAnne: after meeting with Joanne this week, she has
asks us to stop coming over. #LiterallyHeartBroken. She was able to
make it to a little bit of sacrament meeting last week, but she just
couldn't handle all the change. She has bad anxiety and coming to a
new church last week was just too much for her. She loves us and the
"feeling and presence" that we bring into her home(Aka the spirit),
but she said that she just can't join a new organized religion right
now and didn't want us wasting our time with her when she knows so
many other people out there need this message we share. It was really
cool hearing her say all this stuff, but it was heart breaking to know
that she just couldn't do it right now. Hopefully somewhere down the
line, she'll call the missionaries again when she feels ready, but man
oh man, I am going to miss teaching Joanne!

Ok, let me tell you about having Sister Amie Wright with us all week!
So I absolutely adore Sister Wright! I loved having her come to
lessons with us back in Santa Rosa so spending the whole week with her
was awesome! She had a hard time adjusting to missionary life(I forgot
how different missionary life is from regular life), so she was
physically exhausted everyday. But she loved all the teaching
experiences she had and the people she was able to meet! She really
has a talent for teaching! So even is she doesn't decided to serve a
mission, she will definitely have a calling in the future that will
enable her to use her talent for teaching!

So on Friday I hit my 9 month mark! But I guess after 9 months of hard
work, my body decided it needed a break. I got pretty sick Friday
night and it lasted all day Saturday and now I'm still trying to
regain my strength. I was in bed all day Saturday with a fever,
chills, and body aches. It was terrible. I spent most of the day in
bed because I didn't have the strength to even get out of bed. But
don't worry, I am feeling much better now, but I'm still physically
exhausted. But I was determined to go to church yesterday because
guess what? So remember the youth conference I was telling you about?
So the special guest was ELAINE S. DALTON. And guess who was coming to
our church for sacrament meeting? ELAINE S. DALTON. And guess who I
got to meet and talk to one on one yesterday? ELAINE S. DALTON. And
guess who did a special fireside for all the women in the stake/area
DREAM COME TRUE! I love Elaine S. Dalton!! And she looked at me right
in the eyes and talked to me and asked me about my life and it was
soooo cool! It was seriously one of the coolest experiences meeting
one of my role models growing up! I will never forget it!

So pretty much this week was crazy but SOOO good! I am so grateful for
the experiences I had this week! I love you all and hope you have a
great week!

Love always, Sister Thompson 

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