Monday, June 27, 2016

Episode 2:Thompstromsonberg Strikes Back

Hey friends and family!

Guess who has two thumbs and is staying another transfer in Fairfield?
THIS GIRL. That's right! I'm spending 6 months in Fairfield! And the
best part is that I'm staying with Sister Stromberg! Woo! Also, we
think President Wright liked what we did as STLs last transfer because
we are both still STLs but he added another companionship that we are
over! So we are over 10 sisters, which is a lot for this mission.
Normally an STL is over just 1 or 2 companionships! But I am so happy
and so ready for this transfer!

So before I tell you about my week, I have to tell you what Sister
Stromberg and I discovered this morning...we found a place called
Larry's Produce here in Cordelia! It's basically the greatest crowded,
outdoors, farmers market I've ever been to! It made me SO incredibly
happy going there! It's right in the middle of a bunch of vineyards
and green fields! But the produce there is SO cheap! For example,
avacodos are 50 cents each, mangos are $1 each, you can get 4 ears of
corn for $1, and they have basically every kind of vegetable or fruit
you could think of! I know where we will be shopping every Monday this
transfer! Mom and Dad, you would LOVE it!

Ok so my week! Lots of service this week! Tuesday for district meeting
we played games for the last 30 minutes of it haha since it was our
last one for this transfer our district leaders wanted to end with a
bang! So after we discussed Finding, we tried eating donuts off of a
string and played Heads Up church edition! Super fun! We took videos
of us eating the donuts so I'll send that home! The district leaders
all covered the room with balloons so we played with those and took
pictures with them after district meeting! Haha we also did service at
Rush Ranch as a zone on Tuesday! That was super fun! The head
biologist at the ranch had us help organize and clean their
laboratory! Had an awesome lesson with Lora! Also, that night we went
to the Pacheco's and had a lesson with them and then we held rats.
Yep. You read it right. We held their pet rats. And I got pooped on by
a rat. I was laughing so hard! Things you thought you'd never do on a

Wednesday we did yard work for a part member family in the Cordelia
2nd Ward! I have a new love for yard work haha not sure if it's the
fact that I'm helping others or if I'm outside or that I get to wear
pants, but I love doing yard work! And we do a lot of it as
missionaries! We also saw the Murakamis Wednesday! They are both doing
good! Ally went to youth conference this past weekend and LoVEd it!
Also we went on a secret mission for President Wright at 11:00pm
Wednesday night. We got a call from him at 11pm(we're suppose to be in
bed at 10:30 so we were almost asleep where he called!) and he told us
that we needed to go check on some sisters that we have stewardship
over. So we did. At 11:00 at night. Haha President Wright was on the
phone with us the whole time! But we went and checked on the sisters,
made sure everything was cool, and then drove back home! We took a
selfie in the car at 11:22pm while on the phone with President Wright
haha we felt pretty cool going on a secret late night mission for
President Wright!

Thursday, service at the Foodbank and then we went to the church and
played basketball! We put together a big game for all the missionaries
to bring investigators and less actives to! It was actually super
great! We had a YSA less active named Nick come! Then we had our YSA
correlation meeting that night! We love our new Ward mission leader in
the YSA! His name is Matt and his is hilarious and he has no idea what
he is doing haha but we love him!

Friday, we did more yard work for a less active family! Their backyard
had tons of weeds and dog poop. Haha we did as much as we could for
them! We also had another awesome lesson with Lora! She is doing
sooooooo good! Then we had another lesson with Jason! He is also doing
super well! We had a super spiritual lesson about recognizing and
relying on the spirit to know what God wants us to do. We secretly
think Jason is contemplating whether or not he should serve a
mission....coolest thing ever. He hadn't been to church in years, and
ever since he's been meeting with us he hasn't missed a Sunday! I love
missionary work! Friday night we had a community movie night! We set
up a projector at the church and played Meet the Mormons and all the
missionaries were there with investigators or less actives! It was
awesome! We made tons of popcorn for it!

Saturday, more service for an older lady in our Ward in the morning!
We did planning, a member took us out to eat, and then we smashed
cans. Haha we did service for the Pacheco's Saturday night and we
helped them sort and smash cans and bottles that they have been
collecting for years....they had HUGE piles of cans and bottles in
their backyard. Like up to my waist huge. So we dove right in and
starting smashing and sorting! At one point, we lined up a bunch of
unsmashed cans on their sidewalk and just went to town smashing them!
Haha we took a video! It was such a fun night with the Pacheco's! We
found out transfer information that night and sister Stromberg and I
were soooooo happy to find out we were staying together!!

Larry’s Produce

Sunday was super long haha 10 hours of church! It started at 7am with
Ward council, then Cordelia 1st Ward, then YSA Ward, then a 2 hour
meeting after church with the YSA Ward council to discuss names of
less actives and new move ins! We separated names into piles for each
auxiliary to go visit or make contact with! We got 23 names from that
meeting for us to go visit! SO AWESOME! We love getting names of
people to go visit! We have our work cut out for us this upcoming

We are ready to hit the ground running this transfer! We are going to
work hard and have fun! I love this work and I love this gospel! I
hope you all have an amazing week!

Love always, Sister Thompson🍍

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Flag Day, exchanges, Krispy Cream mii mission, Petaluma, etc...

Hello family!

So this week...probably one of the funnest weeks of my entire life! I
love working hard and being busy!

So Tuesday, we went to Vacavilles district meeting, celebrated flag
day haha, and then went on exchanges with the Vacaville sisters! I was
with Sister Free and we worked in Fairfield! It was a fun exchange!

Flag day!

Exchanges with Sister Free

On Wednesday, we did lots of service! And then we got news from the
APs that we would be hosting a mini missionary with us for the rest of
the week! Surprise! Haha so Wednesday night we drove to...get this,
this is my favorite part...PETALUMA! My home away from home! Before
the meeting, I stopped by and saw Camilo! It was SO good seeing him
again!! He is doing soooo well! He was preparing for his talk that he
gave yesterday! Oh man, it gave me so much joy knowing that he is
still active and loving this gospel! We went to the meeting at the
Petaluma church and we got a laurel from none other than the Petaluma
1st Ward!!! We got Abby Dame, the bishops daughter! I love the Dame
family so much! I've know Abby for almost a year now, so it was SO fun
having her with us for the week!

Krispy Kream in Vacaville

Thursday, we went on another exchange! We exchanged with the Cordelia
2nd Ward sisters! It was also a good exchange! We exchanged back
Friday at lunch! Saturday we did more service on the base, celebrated
Hermana Bennetts birthday by going to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch,
and then drove back to Petaluma for the evening for a dinner and
testimony meeting with all the mini missionaries and the full time
missionaries! It was so great! And it was so great being back in
Petaluma! Having a mini missionary with us for the week was so fun!
After the meeting, I stopped by the Fifita family on my way out of
town. Oh man...I love that family so much. As soon as they opened the
door and saw it was me, all the kids came running out and tackled me
to the ground. Fusi hugged me for about 5 minutes haha and when it
came time for me to leave, Mya started crying and wouldn't let go of
me. I was so happy I got to see them again! They are doing good. I
told them to keep praying because that's all the kids are allowed to
do. I love them so much.

Our mini missionary

Birthday lunch

With the Harmon family in Petaluma

We had a ton of lessons this week too! Lora is doing so well! She meet
with the bishop for the first time last weekend and she is planning on
getting baptized in about 6 months!! I am so happy and excited for
her!! I love her so much! Shirley is perfect haha literally, she is
the definition of a golden investigator. She has read the Book of
Mormon about 6 times already, she had read the pearl of great price,
D&C, and she is working on memorizing the articles of
what? She is perfect haha. The only thing is that she only comes to
church about once a month because of her work schedule right now.
Also, remember how I said she was moving to Idaho in November? Well
now she is moving in August so most likely her baptism will be the
first weekend in August!! She going to eagle at the end of this week
to start looking for a house!! Crazy!

At the dinner and testimony meeting Saturday night

This week was so fun and so busy! On Saturday this week we find out
transfer information! This transfer went by wayyyy too fast! I'm
hoping to stay another transfer with Sister Stromberg here in
Fairfield! I love being a representative of Jesus Christ and I love
this work! I always feel so much joy doing this work! I wouldn't want
to be anywhere else right now! I love you all and hope you have an
awesome week!

Love always, Sister Thompson 🌻

Monday, June 13, 2016

Yoked in So Many Ways!

June 13, 2016
Hey family and friends!

So this week, I got yoked both physically and spiritually. I'll tell
you the highlights and what I learned this week and you'll understand
what I mean! We had an awesome week!

Tuesday at district meeting is where I got physically yoked haha we
were talking about finding in district meeting and so our district
leaders had the bright idea of playing egg roulette with us. You know,
where you have a carton of eggs and some of them are hard boiled and
some of them aren't? Wellllll, we each had to take a turn and pick an
egg and our companions got to smash it on our heads! Funniest thing
ever. I got a normal egg smashed on me head...but so did Sister
Stromberg so it worked out haha. I guess we didn't "find" the right
egg. We got it on video so I will send it home so you guys can see!
Haha don't worry, we wore home made shower caps and giant tshirts over
our proselyting clothes so they wouldn't get dirty.

We had awesome lessons this week! Lora is doing SO good! She finished
the Book of Mormon last week(she read the whole thing in like 3
weeks!) and she had her first appointment with the bishop yesterday!
Woo! And she's also been attending the 12 step addiction recovery
program each week! She was an AA and NA counselor a while back, so she
loves those types of meetings. But she is progressing so well! I am so
grateful for her! We also were able to have a skype lesson with Zayna
this week! Zayna is a YSA recent convert who is super busy all the
time so we haven't been able to meet with her for a while. But we were
finally able to skype with her this week! She is doing well, she had a
lot of questions for us about things she had been reading in the Book
of Mormon, but we were so happy to help answer then for her! We also
had an AMAZING lesson with Shirley this week! So Shirley is the cute
little philipino lady we are teaching! She works at the hospital here
as a sanitation/food worker and she's doing a internship right now so
she is crazy busy. Anyways, we had a awesome lesson with her and she
finally committed to a BAPTISMAL DATE! Woo! But get this, she is
planning on moving to IDAHO(my pride and joy) in November of this
year! And guess where's she's planning on moving to? Most likely Boise
and she plans on working at the VA hospital there! Do you still work
there dad? If so, that would be the coolest thing to have my dad and
an investigator I taught on my mission work in the same place! But the
story gets better! She wants to wait until her internship here is
almost over to get baptized and she also wants to get baptized on her
moms birthday, so she chose October 31st to be baptized! Now you're
probably thinking, "Cool Sister Thompson, she wants to be baptized on
Halloween. Why is that cool?". I'll tell you why. Halloween has
officially become my new favorite day(besides Flag Day tomorrow. I
love flag day haha ps-shout out to mom and dad! Happy anniversary
tomorrow!) Anyways, last year on Halloween, Camilo was
baptized(probably one of the biggest highlights of my mission). And
this year on Halloween, not only will Shirley be getting baptized, but
that's the day my parents come to pick me up from my mission! So if
everything works out right, mom and dad could be coming to Shirley's
baptism that day! Coolest thing ever! I officially love Halloween
Here's all of us that play basketball on pdays!

Another cool thing that happened this week has to do with priesthood
blessings! So last weekend, Jean(the Pacheco's life long
friend/roommate) was emitted to the ER. She had to get surgery this
week on Wednesday so she asked for another blessing before the
surgery. Suzie Pacheco was there in the hospital with her as she
received the blessing and then Suzie asked if she could have a
blessing as well. Suzie told us that it was the most spiritual
experience she's ever had. When we visited them later that evening,
Suzie bore a strong testimony to us about how she knows that this is
the true church and how she is going to do everything she can to
become fully active again and make it to the temple. Oh man, the
spirit was so strong! Such an amazing experience!

Sunset and windmills!

We also had interviews with President Wright this week! I love him and
Sister Wright so much! I could talk to President for hours! The
Spanish elders baptism on Saturday night was so good! The song we
performed turned out super well! Everyone was in tears by the end of
it! I love how music can bring the spirit so strongly into a room! We
also had a zone blitz in our area this week. It's where all the
missionaries in our zone work in a certain area for about two hours.
It was really nice being able to have our area blitzed. It needed it!
We also went out finding with our Relief Society President yesterday
afternoon, and we also went to Vacaville last night for a meeting with
the stake president there! Super crazy busy week, but it was soooo
Matching tshirts from Sister Strombergs mom! Haha

A quote and picture that I love.

Marshmallow Mateys at 10:00pm? Why not? Haha

So now how I was yoked spiritually. So as you know, I've been super
busy lately and I was just stressed out of my mind. I felt like I had
many burdens on my back. I confided in a friend in an email about the
struggles I was facing and this was the piece of advice he offered to
me, "The savior stands at the door, and knocks. He knocks hoping you
will let Him take the burden for you. Even if you are trying to carry
others burdens. Just pray. Confide in the knowledge you have of the
savior. Open, when He knocks, and let Him in. Take His yoke upon
yourself. It's easier that way."

As I was pondering what he had said to me, I began to think of the
word yoke. We had been talking a lot about being equally yoked with
our companions in the past couple of weeks. But as I was searching
what it meant to "take His yoke upon us", I realized that I didn't
understand that statement. I understood what it meant to be yoked with
a companion and Christ, but how in the world was I suppose to get the
yoke on me in the first place? I studied Matthew 11:28-30 where the
Savior says, "28 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden,
and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me;
for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your
souls. 30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light."

Then I studied Alma 37:43-47 where Alma is talking to his son Helaman
and offers him this council, "45 And now I say, is there not a type in
this thing? For just as surely as this director did bring our fathers,
by following its course, to the promised land, shall the words of
Christ, if we follow their course, carry us beyond this vale of sorrow
into a far better land of promise."

I love how it's says that the words of Christ will carry us beyond the
vale of sorrow. So what are the words of Christ? The scriptures and
words of the living prophets. So I used the nifty difty search bar in
the Gospel Library App and searched the word yoke. I read a couple
general conference talks about what it means to take His yoke upon us.
This statement by Elder Bednar is what really hit home for me, "Making
and keeping sacred covenants yokes us to and with the Lord Jesus
Christ. In essence, the Savior is beckoning us to rely upon and pull
together with Him, even though our best efforts are not equal to and
cannot be compared with His. As we trust in and pull our load with Him
during the journey of mortality, truly His yoke is easy and His burden
is light....As we are yoked with Him through sacred covenants and
receive the enabling power of His Atonement in our lives, we
increasingly will seek to understand and live according to His will.
We also will pray for the strength to learn from, change, or accept
our circumstances rather than praying relentlessly for God to change
our circumstances according to our will."

So I'm telling you all of this because I learned a valuable lesson.
Yes, I have burdens and yes, they are heavy. But I have made and I am
keeping sacred covenants. I am yoked with the Savior through those
covenants. I understand His Atonement and that also yokes me to Him. I
had to ask myself, "Ok, am I falling behind and is Christ having to
pull me through my trials? Or am I ahead of Christ, thinking I can do
this on my own? Or am I side by side with Christ, pulling with Him and
being equally yoked with Him?" I realized that the past couple of
weeks, I have been ahead of Christ, trying to handle everything on my
own. But as I took a step back and humbly realized that I have Christ
with me and He is willing to help, the load I was carrying became
bearable. I am grateful for trials and burdens because I now know how
to take Christ's yoke upon me. And now my burdens are light, not gone,
but light.

Love always, Sister Thompson 🌻

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Sorry Calendar, *rips off May*, It's June!

Hey family!

I don't know what it is about this transfer, but I feel like I have
the weight of the world on my shoulders right now! This has been the
craziest, most hectic weeks of my entire life! Don't get me wrong, I
love being super busy and I love being a missionary, but I think my
head is going to explode soon from all the stuff that's been going on!
Haha literally mind blown.

Monday was awesome, good PDay and a great Memorial Day! Tuesday is
where the crazy starts haha so like I said last week, I was asked to
teach in the Vallejo Zone Meeting instead of my own, so Tuesday
morning, we car pool down to Vallejo, I get dropped off with the
Vallejo sisters, and my companion and the sisters we car pooled with
drive back up to Fairfield. Zone Meeting was awesome! It was fun being
in a different zone for a little bit! After zone meeting, the Vallejo
sisters and I drove up to Fairfield and we exchanged! So I went back
down to Vallejo with Sister Robinson! Sister Robinson and I were in
the MTC together so it was fun being able to be her companion for the
day! We reminisced in the good old days at he MTC! We were in Benicia
for the exchange, and let me tell you, Benicia is beautiful! So
gorgeous! It's right by the Bay and its this cute little beach town! I
would not mind serving there! We took pictures of the sunset(because
sunsets are my favorite) and because the sun sets right on the water
there! Sooooo pretty! Overall, it was a great exchange! Got to meet
some awesome people and do some fun service down in Benicia!

The Fairfield/Vacaville Zone!...Sister Stromberg is holding up an
embarrassing picture of me so I could be apart of the pictures  since
I wasn't there hahaha

Walking dogs for service in Benicia with Sister Robinson!

Sunset in Benicia! :)

Wednesday around 1pm, we exchanged back in Fairfield! Sister Stromberg
and I went right to another service project right after that and we
spent the whole time just talking to each other and not any of the
other missionaries! Haha Sister Stromberg has become my best friend
and we were away from each other for more than 24 hours, so when we
came back together it was like, "reunited and it fees so good!"

When we were reunited, we went and got Its-It!'s together!

Lunch with the Hullinger girls!

New iPad cases! Mine finally broke after 13 months, so we got matching ones haha

Thursday and Friday were great days also! Super busy and jam packed
days, but so good! We had great lessons this past week with Jason(YSA
less active) and the Murakami's! Both of them are doing great! Sister
Murakami has been feeling a lot better, so thank you for your prayers
for her!
PMS Cookies hahaha Present Mission Stress cookies ;)

Chalking pictures!

Saturday, a member took us out for brunch, the we went to downtown
Fairfield and went chalking as a district! Haha we drew the entire
plan of salvation on the sidewalk! It was fun and we even had a
homeless man come up to us and tell us how he was the only one that
was going to be saved and how we need to pray using the ABCs and how a
microwave just uses brainwaves to heat up food....haha I love people!
We had another awesome lesson with Lora right after that! She's doing
amazing! I love her so much! Then we had song practice. I was asked to
sing at the Spanish Elders baptism this Saturday. So Elder Branson and
I are singing Nearer My God To Thee in SPANISH(haha should be
interesting), elder Matthews is playing the piano, and sister
Stromberg is playing the flute! Should be super good! Then dinner, and
then the adult session of stake conference that night! President
Wright spoke at it and during the middle of his talk and asks me to
join him at the pulpit...oh no, what did I do this time? Haha he just
asked me to explain to the stake how missionaries gain the trust of
members. I gave president wright a hard time afterwards and told him
next time I'm speaking, I'm going to call him up randomly. Haha
President Wright and I have a tight relationship so we can joke around
with each other! I love it! After the meeting, we get a phone call
from Suzie Pacheco telling us that Jean is in the ER. So we grabbed
the closest elders to us and drove to the hospital. We got to the ER
about 5 minutes before visiting hours were over(tender mercy). Jean
was able to receive a blessing and we were able to help cheer her up a
little bit. I love the Pacheco's so much! We stopped by the Pacheco's
home afterwards to report what was going on. Suzie was so grateful for
us and for the elders. We were all in tears by the end of the visit. I
love those kind of moments. It makes all the craziness worth it.

Yesterday was Stake Conference! Lora came, Jason came, and the
Murakami's came! Sister Stromberg and I had to split up so we could
sit with everyone! Elder Jorge F. Zeballos of the seventy came to our
stake to speak to us! I got to shake his hand and talk to him like
four times. It was awesome! Haha he is hilarious! So stake conference
was awesome, but right after it, we found out that some of the sisters
we were over have been having a super rough time lately. So we talked
to them for a while, and then we talked to President and Sister Wright
for a while(they spoke at stake conference also). We came up with a
plan on how we could help the sisters more. Later that evening, we had
dinner with the Mix's! We had quesadillas for dinner(only my favorite
thing in the world. And get this, they had a professional quesadilla
maker. Like what? That's going on my Christmas list this year.) Then
we went to the church and had song practice. Then for the rest of the
evening, Sister Stromberg and I were basically running around the
whole city trying to help these people, then going to help someone
else, then dropping things off, trying to plan things for PDay,
everyone was calling us, asking us to do things, make sure this thing
is done, asking us questions...we came home later that night and just
sat on the couch and stared at each other. Both of our minds were
fried. Haha so I go to take a shower(because showers usually make me
feel better) but as soon as I stepped out of the shower last night, I
step right on a bug and it squished underneath my foot....haha at this
point I couldn't help but laugh. With everything that had happened
that day and this past week, that was the perfect was to end my week.
But then I came back into the room to find my companion on the phone
with the zone leaders asking us to do some more things and to fix a
couple problems....this is where I face planted on my bed and tried to
hide from all my problems. But I quickly said a prayer and that made
everything better :) Haha gotta love being a busy missionary!

This up coming week we have exchanges in Vacaville, interviews with
President, a zone blitz in our area, performing at a baptism, most
likely another exchange, and trying to balance two wards and all our
investigators! Haha should be another crazy, good week!

This week has been hard for me at times, but I know where I can turn
for peace. I know that prayer is real and that Heavenly Father is
aware of each of us! I love this work and I wouldn't want to be doing
anything else at this time! I hope you all have an amazing week! Happy

Love always, Sister Thompson 🌻

Selfie Sunday round 2? Haha

Cordelia wind is real haha