Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Sorry Calendar, *rips off May*, It's June!

Hey family!

I don't know what it is about this transfer, but I feel like I have
the weight of the world on my shoulders right now! This has been the
craziest, most hectic weeks of my entire life! Don't get me wrong, I
love being super busy and I love being a missionary, but I think my
head is going to explode soon from all the stuff that's been going on!
Haha literally mind blown.

Monday was awesome, good PDay and a great Memorial Day! Tuesday is
where the crazy starts haha so like I said last week, I was asked to
teach in the Vallejo Zone Meeting instead of my own, so Tuesday
morning, we car pool down to Vallejo, I get dropped off with the
Vallejo sisters, and my companion and the sisters we car pooled with
drive back up to Fairfield. Zone Meeting was awesome! It was fun being
in a different zone for a little bit! After zone meeting, the Vallejo
sisters and I drove up to Fairfield and we exchanged! So I went back
down to Vallejo with Sister Robinson! Sister Robinson and I were in
the MTC together so it was fun being able to be her companion for the
day! We reminisced in the good old days at he MTC! We were in Benicia
for the exchange, and let me tell you, Benicia is beautiful! So
gorgeous! It's right by the Bay and its this cute little beach town! I
would not mind serving there! We took pictures of the sunset(because
sunsets are my favorite) and because the sun sets right on the water
there! Sooooo pretty! Overall, it was a great exchange! Got to meet
some awesome people and do some fun service down in Benicia!

The Fairfield/Vacaville Zone!...Sister Stromberg is holding up an
embarrassing picture of me so I could be apart of the pictures  since
I wasn't there hahaha

Walking dogs for service in Benicia with Sister Robinson!

Sunset in Benicia! :)

Wednesday around 1pm, we exchanged back in Fairfield! Sister Stromberg
and I went right to another service project right after that and we
spent the whole time just talking to each other and not any of the
other missionaries! Haha Sister Stromberg has become my best friend
and we were away from each other for more than 24 hours, so when we
came back together it was like, "reunited and it fees so good!"

When we were reunited, we went and got Its-It!'s together!

Lunch with the Hullinger girls!

New iPad cases! Mine finally broke after 13 months, so we got matching ones haha

Thursday and Friday were great days also! Super busy and jam packed
days, but so good! We had great lessons this past week with Jason(YSA
less active) and the Murakami's! Both of them are doing great! Sister
Murakami has been feeling a lot better, so thank you for your prayers
for her!
PMS Cookies hahaha Present Mission Stress cookies ;)

Chalking pictures!

Saturday, a member took us out for brunch, the we went to downtown
Fairfield and went chalking as a district! Haha we drew the entire
plan of salvation on the sidewalk! It was fun and we even had a
homeless man come up to us and tell us how he was the only one that
was going to be saved and how we need to pray using the ABCs and how a
microwave just uses brainwaves to heat up food....haha I love people!
We had another awesome lesson with Lora right after that! She's doing
amazing! I love her so much! Then we had song practice. I was asked to
sing at the Spanish Elders baptism this Saturday. So Elder Branson and
I are singing Nearer My God To Thee in SPANISH(haha should be
interesting), elder Matthews is playing the piano, and sister
Stromberg is playing the flute! Should be super good! Then dinner, and
then the adult session of stake conference that night! President
Wright spoke at it and during the middle of his talk and asks me to
join him at the pulpit...oh no, what did I do this time? Haha he just
asked me to explain to the stake how missionaries gain the trust of
members. I gave president wright a hard time afterwards and told him
next time I'm speaking, I'm going to call him up randomly. Haha
President Wright and I have a tight relationship so we can joke around
with each other! I love it! After the meeting, we get a phone call
from Suzie Pacheco telling us that Jean is in the ER. So we grabbed
the closest elders to us and drove to the hospital. We got to the ER
about 5 minutes before visiting hours were over(tender mercy). Jean
was able to receive a blessing and we were able to help cheer her up a
little bit. I love the Pacheco's so much! We stopped by the Pacheco's
home afterwards to report what was going on. Suzie was so grateful for
us and for the elders. We were all in tears by the end of the visit. I
love those kind of moments. It makes all the craziness worth it.

Yesterday was Stake Conference! Lora came, Jason came, and the
Murakami's came! Sister Stromberg and I had to split up so we could
sit with everyone! Elder Jorge F. Zeballos of the seventy came to our
stake to speak to us! I got to shake his hand and talk to him like
four times. It was awesome! Haha he is hilarious! So stake conference
was awesome, but right after it, we found out that some of the sisters
we were over have been having a super rough time lately. So we talked
to them for a while, and then we talked to President and Sister Wright
for a while(they spoke at stake conference also). We came up with a
plan on how we could help the sisters more. Later that evening, we had
dinner with the Mix's! We had quesadillas for dinner(only my favorite
thing in the world. And get this, they had a professional quesadilla
maker. Like what? That's going on my Christmas list this year.) Then
we went to the church and had song practice. Then for the rest of the
evening, Sister Stromberg and I were basically running around the
whole city trying to help these people, then going to help someone
else, then dropping things off, trying to plan things for PDay,
everyone was calling us, asking us to do things, make sure this thing
is done, asking us questions...we came home later that night and just
sat on the couch and stared at each other. Both of our minds were
fried. Haha so I go to take a shower(because showers usually make me
feel better) but as soon as I stepped out of the shower last night, I
step right on a bug and it squished underneath my foot....haha at this
point I couldn't help but laugh. With everything that had happened
that day and this past week, that was the perfect was to end my week.
But then I came back into the room to find my companion on the phone
with the zone leaders asking us to do some more things and to fix a
couple problems....this is where I face planted on my bed and tried to
hide from all my problems. But I quickly said a prayer and that made
everything better :) Haha gotta love being a busy missionary!

This up coming week we have exchanges in Vacaville, interviews with
President, a zone blitz in our area, performing at a baptism, most
likely another exchange, and trying to balance two wards and all our
investigators! Haha should be another crazy, good week!

This week has been hard for me at times, but I know where I can turn
for peace. I know that prayer is real and that Heavenly Father is
aware of each of us! I love this work and I wouldn't want to be doing
anything else at this time! I hope you all have an amazing week! Happy

Love always, Sister Thompson 🌻

Selfie Sunday round 2? Haha

Cordelia wind is real haha

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