Monday, May 30, 2016

Meetings for dayyyyyyz!

Hey friends and family!!

I hope you all had an awesome week! I know I did! Haha but I am
stressed out of my mind right now! Sister Stromberg and I have a lot
on our plates right now, so we are just a little stressed and tired.
And by a little, I mean A LOT haha. I'll give you a run down of our
past week and the week to come!

Monday: First PDay of this transfer and it was EPIC. Haha since they
joined two zones together this transfer, we all met in Vacaville for
PDay! 25 missionaries! It was SO fun! We played basketball for the
majority of the afternoon(and by we, I mean me and all the elders
haha)! The elders gave me the nickname of Sister Buckets haha hitting
3's all day! Speaking of 3's...LETS GO WARRIORS! Anyways, I also ended
up getting a gnarly bruise on one of my ankles by the end of playing
basketball because I vaguely remember an elder accidentally kicking
it. Haha we went to a lesson with the Chambers later that night and
Sister Chambers was the one who pointed out my swollen ankle to me! It
was funny. The lesson with the Chambers went well! We did a cute
gospel steps activity with the kids and gave them all CTR rings. I
love that family so much!

With the Chambers!
We are all about matching outfits haha so here our random pictures for the day!

Tuesday: District meeting in the morning! Sister Stromberg and I team
taught about talking to everyone and teaching on the spot lessons in
1-3 minutes! It was great! We did a fun activity in the gym with the
missionaries! After district meeting, we taught Lora(the lesson was SO
good! I love Lora!) and then we went on exchanges! But some crazy
stuff went down during the exchange. I won't go into detail, but we
ended up having to do an emergency exchange back later that night, and
Sister Stromberg and I came back together to discuss somethings about
the companionship. We are trying to help the companionship as much as
we can now. Crazy stuff!

Wednesday: We reported to President everything that went down the day
before and discussed possibilities to help the companionship. Later in
the afternoon we did service at the Foodbank! So Matt is a worker at
the Foodbank! He's 25 and we all love him. A couple weeks back, Sister
Aiton and I gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon and invited him to
read! And Matt told us on Wednesday that he had read!!! He said he
read two chapters the night before! We talked to him a little bit more
about it and he said he liked it! Coolest thing ever. I love being a
missionary! After Foodbank we had more STL stuff that needed to be
taken care of...haha this is where all that stress is coming from! But
I love it haha. We had an awesome dinner with the Kistlers later that
night and then we tried visiting people!

Thursday: We tried visiting people in the morning, but no body was
home :(. We had interviews with our zone leaders that morning also!
Meetings! Woo! We did more service in the afternoon and then we died.
Haha not literally, but Sister Stromberg hasn't been feeling well this
whole week, so after service she took a nap and I tried staying awake
to get some things done, but I also crashed. I'm literally so tired
all the time! My body is weak, but my spirit is strong! Haha our
dinner that night cancelled on us so we were on our own. Fun fact
about Sister Thompson: I invented something called a "Taquitodilla".
It's a quesadilla with taquitos inside! Haha I've gotten creative with
my cooking skills ;) After dinner we had a lesson with Jason, the YSA
less active! He's been coming to church every week this month! Woo!
Then we had a YSA correlation meeting with our new YSA Ward mission
leader! More meetings!
Service ready outfits

And when we died haha

Friday: MLC in Santa Rosa all day! More meetings! I LOVE MLC! We got
permission to carpool with our zone leaders to Santa Rosa so the car
rides were fun! Haha we also matched our outfits...haha president
wright got a kick out of that! Sister Stromberg and I had our H&M
fashion week ready outfits on and the zone leaders matched their suits
and ties to our clothes. Haha it was great! MLC was super good! As
always! But I received news that I would be traveling out of our zone
on Tuesday to teach in the Vallejo zone meeting instead of my own
zone! They don't have an STL in Vallejo, so I will help teach in their
zone meeting on Tuesday! So I've been on the phone a lot with the zone
leaders in Vallejo trying to figure out what we are going to teach and
how I'm going to get down to Vallejo! More stress! Haha but I'm
excited to help teach down in their zone!
Matching outfits with the ZL’s:

Saturday: We had comp. study with the zone leaders and figured out
everything for zone meeting on Tuesday! A member took us out to lunch!
We had another awesome lesson with Lora! We did our weekly planning!
We also got to help one of the high schools here set up for their Grad
Night Party. We helped decorate the gym! It was super fun! But really
hot! Haha the weather here is getting hotter and hotter everyday! We
tried seeing the Murakamis later that night but Sister Murakami is
super sick. She had some dental work done and the medication she's
been taking for it caused her to get super sick. No Bueno :(

Sunday: We woke up early, skipped Ward council haha and drove to the
Pacheco's house and woke them up for church. Haha Lora came to church
yesterday and the Pacheco's! It was a really good Sunday! Jason came
to the YSA Ward too! It was fast Sunday yesterday here, so we had
break the fast with the YSA Ward after church and then we went to our
dinner appointment! Haha we went to the Thomas's house for a Memorial
Day BBQ! They invited over like 6 other families from the Ward so it
was super fun! And the food was great too! We spent the rest of the
night at the church preparing for zone meeting! Since I'm not going to
be there for ours, the zone leaders had the bright idea of video
taping me introducing the zone vision to everyone! Haha so we made a
fun, interactive video of me last night introducing the zone vision!
It’s hilarious! Haha

Selfie Sunday:

 So that was my week in a nutshell! We have two exchanges coming up
this week, along with teaching and preparing for zone meeting
tomorrow, and trying to juggling our own area and wards! Haha a lot of
things on our plates but we are loving life! I love being a
missionary! I know that this is the Lords work! He is hastening His
work and we are just trying to keep up! Haha I love you all and hope
you have an awesome week! Happy Memorial Day! :)
Love always, Sister Thompson 🌻

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