Monday, May 9, 2016

5 Days and 5 Doors

Hello everyone!

So it's only been a short five days since the last time I wrote but it
was an awesome five days! Talking to the family yesterday was AMAZING!
Sometimes all you need is a cinnamon roll and a long talk with your
mom to make everything better! Haha I definitely needed that skype
home yesterday! Crazy to think the next time I'll see my family is in
My favorite person!!!
So after the temple on Wednesday, Elder and Sister Nordfeldt took us
out to eat in Walnut Creek at a really good steak house! The whole
time we were in Walnut Creek I was on Curry lookout haha Steph Curry
lives in Walnut Creek! But sadly, I didn't see him...but lunch was
delicious! When we got home, we emailed and finished anything we
needed to do on our pday! We had dinner that night with the Biggs!
They are both professional cooks so we LOVE going to their house for
dinner! They made super fancy eggs benedict for us! After dinner we
went and saw the Murakami's. Sister Murakami has been struggling a lot
lately, so if you could keep her in your prayers that would be
awesome. Satan has really been working hard on them ever since Ally's
baptism. We helped them as much as we could that night and decided
that we were going to go over to their house more often, probably
every other day. After the Murakami's, the zone leaders and I had a
stake correlation meeting with the high councilman that are over
missionary work in the stake! We have this meeting every other week!
We discuss the progress of missionary work in each Ward in the stake!
I really like those meetings!
At the temple:

Thursday we did service at the Foodbank! Then we went finding for a
couple hours. We've been having a hard time this transfer getting set
lessons with the people we are teaching! This time of year is super
busy for everyone and so all of our investigators and less actives
keep canceling their lessons with us....but it's ok haha more finding
time for us then! We went to the Thomas's for dinner that night and
celebrated cinco de mayo with them! I seriously love them! After
dinner, we went to the institute building because the YSA Ward was
putting on a dinner and watching the worldwide YSA devotional. We had
invited a few less actives to come, but no body showed :( the
devotional was awesome though and it was fun to spend time with the
YSA members!
These were are cups at dinner with the Thomas's this week! Haha too funny!

Friday was our planning day but in between planning we had a couple
lessons! Woo! We meant with Lora, the excommunicated member who is
trying to come back, and we taught her the restoration! The spirit was
strong and at the end she said that she still believed that with all
her heart, she just lost her way for a while. After the lesson with
her, we went over to the Kellenbecks, a less active family in the
Cordelia 1st Ward, and had a lesson with the 19 year old son Jason.
Their oldest daughter, Shelia, just got home from her mission a month
ago and she is the only active member in the family. She has been
working hard to reactivate her family! The lesson with her brother was
awesome! We taught the restoration and committed him to start reading
the Book of Mormon again! He was totally open to everything and he
said that he really liked us, which is a great thing because Shelia
said he doesn't normally like the missionaries! We had dinner later
that day with Bishop McCann and his wife! He's the bishop in the YSA
Ward! And get this, he has a '66 mustang! He let me look at it and
said he might take us in a ride in it sometime :) remember the model
car I made? The mustang? Yeah, his car is that color haha like a
pretty teal blue! It was awesome! Made me a little car trunky though
;) after dinner we visited the Murakami's again! We have been focusing
a lot about the temple and family history work with them!

Saturday we got invited to attend the Cordelia 1st wards Mother's Day
brunch in the morning! The Biggs cooked for it, so it was amazing.
Gourmet crepes was what was on the menu! Later in the afternoon we
were trying to visit some potential investigators but literally nobody
was home, so we decided to knock doors at a small apartment complex
and we ended up having an awesome experience from it! This is how our
experience went.... Door 1: man answers the door "I'm catholic. Go
away." *shuts door*. Door 2: woman answers the door "I'm not
interested." *slams door*. Door 3: no answer. Door 4: no answer, but
while we are waiting at the door, Door 5 opens. "Hi sisters! Come on
in! *confused sister missionaries walk over to door 5 and enter* Turns
out a super less active lady lives there and she use to be visited by
the missionaries a while ago! She let us in and we were able to have
an awesome lesson with her! It was a great tender mercy for us because
not very many people wanted to talk to us that day, so just having
that one person let us in meant the world to us! We set up to come
back to her house next week!

Sunday was AMAZING! Sister Aiton made cinnamon rolls in the morning
and then we went to Cordelia 1st Ward and then the YSA Ward! When we
got home we ate lunch and then we SKYPED HOME! It was so great seeing
my family again! Later we had dinner with the Watsons and then we
tried visiting some less actives afterwards but it was Mother's Day so
no one was really home or available. But overall, it was an awesome
We find out transfer information this Saturday! :( This transfer went
by so fast! I'm hoping that Sister Aiton and I stay together another
transfer here! I love it here. I have learned so much here! I don't
want to leave yet! But wherever Heavenly Father needs me, I will go :)
I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love always, Sister Thompson 🌻

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