Monday, May 16, 2016

Spirit Works Wonders!

Hey everyone!

So to start out, I'll tell you what's happening with transfers
tomorrow! So I'm staying in Fairfield! But Sister Aiton is leaving...
:( saddest day ever. She is going to Napa. I'm so sad! Sister Aiton
has become my best friend! My daughter is leaving me! :( haha but my
new companion is Sister Stromberg! She has been out about ten months
and I've met her a couple times and she seems cool, so I'm excited! We
are both going to be STLs because they combined our zone and the
Vacaville zone into one big zone! We are still over the Cordelia 1st
Ward and the YSA Ward which I'm so happy about! I love both of the
wards so much! But I'm so sad Sister Aiton is leaving! :(

This week was hilarious and awesome! I don't have a lot of time to
email today because we have packing and a lot of cleaning to do today,
so my email will be short, sweet, and to the point! :)

We had really good lessons with Lora this week! She is incredible! We
love Lora! We also met with the Murakamis a few times! They are doing
a lot better! I gave Ally my CTR ring to help her remember to always
choose the right! Sister Murakamis non member friend, Elonda, was
there for one of the lessons this week. She has been there for a
couple lessons and she came to Ally's baptism and after the lesson
this week she said she was going to come to church next week! She
lives in Vacaville, but it would be awesome if she came to church!
This could be a great missionary opportunity for the Murakamis!

We also met with a lot of less actives this week! The Pacheco's are
older less actives in the Ward and they haven't been to church in 17
years! They are hilarious and we had a super powerful lesson with them
this week! Spirit was so strong! Also, yesterday after church, we went
out finding with the RS president in the Cordelia Ward and tried
visiting a ton of less active ladies in the Ward! It was great! We
actually had a lot of success from it!

The funniest thing happened at dinner on Tuesday night! We were at the
Hatch's eating dinner(they are some of our favorite members!) and
Sister Aiton was talking about door bell ditching goodies on people's
front doors, but she accidentally switched the first letters of bell
and ditch in her sentence....and we all died laughing! Sister Aiton
felt so bad afterwards but she was laughing pretty hard at it too! So
hard that the ice cream she was eating during the conversation came
out her nose!! We all died laughing even more! I was in tears from
laughing so hard! Hahaha Sister Aiton and I are always laughing
together! I'm going to miss that girl!

Church yesterday was INCREDIBLE. The Spirit truly works wonders on
people! Lora came to church yesterday for the first time in years, the
Murakamis came to church, and get this...THE PACHECOS CAME TO CHURCH!
They haven't been to church in 17 years!! The bishop had to do a
double take when he saw them walk in! So we had our little crowd
sitting with us during sacrament meeting! It was awesome! We owe it
all to the spirit! It softened all of their hearts and allowed them to
make the decision to come to church and stay for all three hours! It
was awesome! And in the YSA, Jason(the less active we just started
teaching) came to church! Woo! It's crazy how much joy you feel when
even one person decides to come to church! Haha I love how as a
missionary, that's the thing that brings me the most joy!

I'm excited for this new transfer! I'm excited to continue to learn
and grow! Time is moving faster and faster so I want to continue to
work as hard as I can! But I'm definitely enjoying to the end more
than I am enduring to the end! Haha I love this work and I love this
gospel! I hope you all have an amazing week! Love you!

Love always, Sister Thompson 🌻

Hermana Carey and I with our matching dresses. This is what best friends look like haha

Crazy hats with our YSA Ward mission leader Harley! Haha pretty much sums us up!

I saw this sign while we were out Tracting and it made me laugh haha

With Hailey and Harley! Two members from the YSA Ward who we LOvE!
Harley went to Thailand on his mission, that is why he is wearing
those pants haha

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