Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Flag Day, exchanges, Krispy Cream mii mission, Petaluma, etc...

Hello family!

So this week...probably one of the funnest weeks of my entire life! I
love working hard and being busy!

So Tuesday, we went to Vacavilles district meeting, celebrated flag
day haha, and then went on exchanges with the Vacaville sisters! I was
with Sister Free and we worked in Fairfield! It was a fun exchange!

Flag day!

Exchanges with Sister Free

On Wednesday, we did lots of service! And then we got news from the
APs that we would be hosting a mini missionary with us for the rest of
the week! Surprise! Haha so Wednesday night we drove to...get this,
this is my favorite part...PETALUMA! My home away from home! Before
the meeting, I stopped by and saw Camilo! It was SO good seeing him
again!! He is doing soooo well! He was preparing for his talk that he
gave yesterday! Oh man, it gave me so much joy knowing that he is
still active and loving this gospel! We went to the meeting at the
Petaluma church and we got a laurel from none other than the Petaluma
1st Ward!!! We got Abby Dame, the bishops daughter! I love the Dame
family so much! I've know Abby for almost a year now, so it was SO fun
having her with us for the week!

Krispy Kream in Vacaville

Thursday, we went on another exchange! We exchanged with the Cordelia
2nd Ward sisters! It was also a good exchange! We exchanged back
Friday at lunch! Saturday we did more service on the base, celebrated
Hermana Bennetts birthday by going to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch,
and then drove back to Petaluma for the evening for a dinner and
testimony meeting with all the mini missionaries and the full time
missionaries! It was so great! And it was so great being back in
Petaluma! Having a mini missionary with us for the week was so fun!
After the meeting, I stopped by the Fifita family on my way out of
town. Oh man...I love that family so much. As soon as they opened the
door and saw it was me, all the kids came running out and tackled me
to the ground. Fusi hugged me for about 5 minutes haha and when it
came time for me to leave, Mya started crying and wouldn't let go of
me. I was so happy I got to see them again! They are doing good. I
told them to keep praying because that's all the kids are allowed to
do. I love them so much.

Our mini missionary

Birthday lunch

With the Harmon family in Petaluma

We had a ton of lessons this week too! Lora is doing so well! She meet
with the bishop for the first time last weekend and she is planning on
getting baptized in about 6 months!! I am so happy and excited for
her!! I love her so much! Shirley is perfect haha literally, she is
the definition of a golden investigator. She has read the Book of
Mormon about 6 times already, she had read the pearl of great price,
D&C, and she is working on memorizing the articles of
what? She is perfect haha. The only thing is that she only comes to
church about once a month because of her work schedule right now.
Also, remember how I said she was moving to Idaho in November? Well
now she is moving in August so most likely her baptism will be the
first weekend in August!! She going to eagle at the end of this week
to start looking for a house!! Crazy!

At the dinner and testimony meeting Saturday night

This week was so fun and so busy! On Saturday this week we find out
transfer information! This transfer went by wayyyy too fast! I'm
hoping to stay another transfer with Sister Stromberg here in
Fairfield! I love being a representative of Jesus Christ and I love
this work! I always feel so much joy doing this work! I wouldn't want
to be anywhere else right now! I love you all and hope you have an
awesome week!

Love always, Sister Thompson 🌻

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