Monday, June 27, 2016

Episode 2:Thompstromsonberg Strikes Back

Hey friends and family!

Guess who has two thumbs and is staying another transfer in Fairfield?
THIS GIRL. That's right! I'm spending 6 months in Fairfield! And the
best part is that I'm staying with Sister Stromberg! Woo! Also, we
think President Wright liked what we did as STLs last transfer because
we are both still STLs but he added another companionship that we are
over! So we are over 10 sisters, which is a lot for this mission.
Normally an STL is over just 1 or 2 companionships! But I am so happy
and so ready for this transfer!

So before I tell you about my week, I have to tell you what Sister
Stromberg and I discovered this morning...we found a place called
Larry's Produce here in Cordelia! It's basically the greatest crowded,
outdoors, farmers market I've ever been to! It made me SO incredibly
happy going there! It's right in the middle of a bunch of vineyards
and green fields! But the produce there is SO cheap! For example,
avacodos are 50 cents each, mangos are $1 each, you can get 4 ears of
corn for $1, and they have basically every kind of vegetable or fruit
you could think of! I know where we will be shopping every Monday this
transfer! Mom and Dad, you would LOVE it!

Ok so my week! Lots of service this week! Tuesday for district meeting
we played games for the last 30 minutes of it haha since it was our
last one for this transfer our district leaders wanted to end with a
bang! So after we discussed Finding, we tried eating donuts off of a
string and played Heads Up church edition! Super fun! We took videos
of us eating the donuts so I'll send that home! The district leaders
all covered the room with balloons so we played with those and took
pictures with them after district meeting! Haha we also did service at
Rush Ranch as a zone on Tuesday! That was super fun! The head
biologist at the ranch had us help organize and clean their
laboratory! Had an awesome lesson with Lora! Also, that night we went
to the Pacheco's and had a lesson with them and then we held rats.
Yep. You read it right. We held their pet rats. And I got pooped on by
a rat. I was laughing so hard! Things you thought you'd never do on a

Wednesday we did yard work for a part member family in the Cordelia
2nd Ward! I have a new love for yard work haha not sure if it's the
fact that I'm helping others or if I'm outside or that I get to wear
pants, but I love doing yard work! And we do a lot of it as
missionaries! We also saw the Murakamis Wednesday! They are both doing
good! Ally went to youth conference this past weekend and LoVEd it!
Also we went on a secret mission for President Wright at 11:00pm
Wednesday night. We got a call from him at 11pm(we're suppose to be in
bed at 10:30 so we were almost asleep where he called!) and he told us
that we needed to go check on some sisters that we have stewardship
over. So we did. At 11:00 at night. Haha President Wright was on the
phone with us the whole time! But we went and checked on the sisters,
made sure everything was cool, and then drove back home! We took a
selfie in the car at 11:22pm while on the phone with President Wright
haha we felt pretty cool going on a secret late night mission for
President Wright!

Thursday, service at the Foodbank and then we went to the church and
played basketball! We put together a big game for all the missionaries
to bring investigators and less actives to! It was actually super
great! We had a YSA less active named Nick come! Then we had our YSA
correlation meeting that night! We love our new Ward mission leader in
the YSA! His name is Matt and his is hilarious and he has no idea what
he is doing haha but we love him!

Friday, we did more yard work for a less active family! Their backyard
had tons of weeds and dog poop. Haha we did as much as we could for
them! We also had another awesome lesson with Lora! She is doing
sooooooo good! Then we had another lesson with Jason! He is also doing
super well! We had a super spiritual lesson about recognizing and
relying on the spirit to know what God wants us to do. We secretly
think Jason is contemplating whether or not he should serve a
mission....coolest thing ever. He hadn't been to church in years, and
ever since he's been meeting with us he hasn't missed a Sunday! I love
missionary work! Friday night we had a community movie night! We set
up a projector at the church and played Meet the Mormons and all the
missionaries were there with investigators or less actives! It was
awesome! We made tons of popcorn for it!

Saturday, more service for an older lady in our Ward in the morning!
We did planning, a member took us out to eat, and then we smashed
cans. Haha we did service for the Pacheco's Saturday night and we
helped them sort and smash cans and bottles that they have been
collecting for years....they had HUGE piles of cans and bottles in
their backyard. Like up to my waist huge. So we dove right in and
starting smashing and sorting! At one point, we lined up a bunch of
unsmashed cans on their sidewalk and just went to town smashing them!
Haha we took a video! It was such a fun night with the Pacheco's! We
found out transfer information that night and sister Stromberg and I
were soooooo happy to find out we were staying together!!

Larry’s Produce

Sunday was super long haha 10 hours of church! It started at 7am with
Ward council, then Cordelia 1st Ward, then YSA Ward, then a 2 hour
meeting after church with the YSA Ward council to discuss names of
less actives and new move ins! We separated names into piles for each
auxiliary to go visit or make contact with! We got 23 names from that
meeting for us to go visit! SO AWESOME! We love getting names of
people to go visit! We have our work cut out for us this upcoming

We are ready to hit the ground running this transfer! We are going to
work hard and have fun! I love this work and I love this gospel! I
hope you all have an amazing week!

Love always, Sister ThompsonšŸ

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