Monday, July 4, 2016

Proud to be an American!!

Happy 4th of July family and friends!!

Today, to celebrate Independence Day, a family in the Spanish branch
is throwing a BBQ for our zone at the park! I'm so excited! We'll be
enjoying good food, good company, and playing sports! What more could
you want? We also have a YSA BBQ we will be attending this evening,
and then we will most likely be heading over to the marina in Suisun
to watch fireworks over the water with Lora and her family! Should be
a great 4th of July! And of course, Sister Stromberg and I have killer
matching outfits for today! PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN.

My outfit today!


The Pacheco's got a new puppy named Mouse! So cute!!

Matching the Zone Leaders just like last time!

This week was super good! I got sick, but it was still super good!
PDay was great as always. Our zone got together at the church to sign
journals and say goodbye to the missionaries that would be leaving!
One thing I've learned about myself on the mission, I don't like
goodbyes. Not at all. So I never really like the time of transfers.
I've made life long friends on my mission!
I accidentally forgot my church shoes at PDay so this was my outfit
for the night...we all make mistakes  sometimes haha

Making s'mores with the Pacheco's for family night!

Tuesday we had the most AMAZING lesson with Lora! So get this, last
time we meet with her she said that the bishop said she would have to
wait 6-9 months to be baptized. But Lora had another meeting with the
bishop last Sunday and they set a new baptismal date for AUGUST
30TH!!!! When she told us Sister Stromberg and I looked at each other
and we..."AHHHHHH!"(imagine a low pitch, back of the throat, guttural
scream. That's what we both did at the same time haha) I started
tearing up because I was so excited for Lora! So for right now, she is
preparing to get re baptized next month!!! SO EXCITING! After Lora's
lesson, we went to Rush Ranch and helped paint fences! It was super
hot out, like 98 degrees, so I think the paint was drying faster than
we could put it on! Haha but it was fun!

Wednesday, we helped Sister Cordova in the morning. She is in the
process of moving so we went over and helped move/tape boxes for her!
I love serving others! After that, we had a lesson with Jason! We met
at a the Cordelia Community Park and talked about how we can have the
spirit more in our lives! Jason has progressed so much! It's awesome!
But after Jason's lesson, I got was gross. So we spent the
rest of the day inside. But President Wright called us later that
evening and asked us to prepare to teach in MLC on Friday...that took
us by surprise. Usually it's just the assistants and president and
sister wright that teach at MLC! But President Wright asked us to
prepare a 30 minute section on improving our use of the Book of
Mormon. As soon as he said that, I was all in! I love the Book of
Mormon! So I was so excited to prepare to teach it!

Thursday, I got my act together and went to district meeting in the
morning. Super fun seeing all the new missionaries in the zone! It was
a good district meeting! Then a member took us out to eat, we stopped
at the store on the way home to get medicine, and then I crashed
again. Fever, chills, aches, sore throat, running was
awesome. So we spent the rest of the day inside, trying to get me
better so I could make it to MLC the next day! I was praying so hard
for the strength to overcome my sickness!

Friday, woke up and I decided that no matter what, I was going to MLC.
So I went. Haha luckily I felt A TON better that day! We car pooled
with the zone leaders to Santa Rosa and MLC was great! Our section
that we taught went super well and President and Sister Wright both
came up to us after MLC and told us that our section was the most
spiritual and best section of the day. That made us feel super good!
We didn't get back home until 7 or so, so we went to the church and
helped our district leaders get ready for their baptism the next day!

Saturday, we went and did yard work for an older lady in our Ward!
Then we went to a baptism after lunch, we had another awesome lesson
with Lora, then the rest of our Saturday was spent with the zone
leaders preparing for zone meeting and for our zone conference which
we have on Wednesday this week! President Wright asked all of us to
help teach at zone conference also, so we are preparing for a lot this

Sunday was great! Went to Cordelia 1st Ward, then YSA Ward, then we
had Break the Fast in the YSA Ward! One of my favorite parts about
serving in a YSA Ward haha then we had dinner with the Thomas family!
Then we had a stake meet and greet with the stake president that
evening! It was all together a great Sunday!

Sister Stromberg and I get along so well! I am so grateful for her!
She has become my best friend and we tell each other everything. I
don't think I would have been able to survive this last transfer
without her. She is definitely needed here in this area, with me, at
this time! I love her to death!

I hope you all have a fabulous 4th of July! Im so grateful for this
country we have to live in which allows freedom of religion! Make sure
to eat lots of watermelon for me! I love you all!

Love always, Sister ThompsonšŸ

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