Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Hey family!

So this week was AWESOME. I am on missionary cloud nine right now!!
Here are the highlights from my week!

So Nathan...!!!!! AHHHH! Literally, he is perfect! So get this, we
were able to teach him all the lessons this past week and he IS
GETTING BAPTIZED THIS SATURDAY!! He was the one that just walked into
church two weeks ago and now he's getting baptized!!! MIRACLE!! Nathan
is literally like the coolest guy ever! So he is 34 and he's grown up
in Nor Cal. He is a retired BMX biker(won the World Cup in 2004 sooo
no big deal), and he is the most down to earth, humble guy ever. He
took us go carting today which was super fun! But yeah, he is getting
baptized this week and we are SO EXCITED!

So teaching Nathan took up most of our week, which was awesome! We
taught him in a few different members homes but one day we went to his
work and taught him there and it was so cool. So he works for a
multi-millionaire. He remodels her home for her and let me tell you,
it was the coolest house I've ever been in. The house is worth well
over 2.5 million dollars and Nathan gave us a tour of it before we
taught him. Oh man, that house was crazy. At one point he opened up a
closet which had six purses in it, he then told us that each purse was
worth over $5, was crazy. Haha the lady that owns the house
even has a self portrait of herself like you see in all the movies. It
was great. Anyways, Nathan's lesson this week were AMAZING! He is so
prepared by the Lord!!

We also taught Lora this week! She is doing awesome! Love her to
death! And we taught the Pachecos a couple times and also did service
for them! I love the people here in Fairfield!

So other than that, we did a lot of service this week and had lots of
fun teaching the gospel! Sorry my email isn't very good this week,
didn't have much time to write today! But know that I am doing well
and so excited to have a baptism this week! I love you all!

Love always, Sister ThompsonšŸ

Go carting today!

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