Sunday, August 7, 2016


Hello from Northern California!

So this week just flew by! We had an awesome week here in the
beautiful but oh so hot  Fairfield, California! Here are the
highlights from my week!

On Monday, Nathan took us and the zone leaders to an in door go
carting place....and it was SO fun! He's friends with the manager and
we got the track to ourselves and they turned up the speed on the go
carts! SO COOL. Haha Nathan is seriously the coolest. Tuesday I was in
the Cordelia 2nd area on exchanges with Sister Thurgood! Love her! We
had such a fun time working together! At one point we were at the
horse ranch that the zone goes to every Tuesday afternoon for service
and we were spreading mulch in 105 degree was so hot. We
were all dying haha. Later in the evening, all of our plans fell
through so I trained Sister Thurgood on how to use FaceBook
effectively! Facebook is such an awesome tool we have to use to help
hasten the work! It's so great for keeping in contact with
investigators, less actives, and members! And it's so cool being able
to post something that you know will help a certain investigator! I
love it!
Pic with Amie Wright

With Elder Rasmussen...he went home :(

Wednesday morning we exchanged back and then we went to a lesson with
Jason! It was a super cool lesson. We talked a lot about receiving
personal revelation and the topic of patriarchal blessings came up and
Jason told us that he had meet with the bishop just the day before and
has the okay to get his patriarchal blessing!! So Jason will be
getting his blessing soon! That is so exciting! He is doing so well!
Then we went out to lunch with a member in the YSA Ward! Later on that
day, we had a lesson with Nathan at the Thomas's home! We watched the
Restoration movie with him and he loved it! Thursday, at the moment,
is a blur. Haha all I can remember doing on Thursday is having another
awesome lesson with Nathan and Bro. Canning's home, our Ward mission
leader! We went over his baptismal program and talked more about
baptism with him! Friday, we had MLC is Santa Rosa all day! I love
MLC. I always feel so spiritual  uplifted and filled afterwards! But
also extremely tired haha but it's worth it. Friday night Nathan had
his baptismal interview and passed with flying colors!

Saturday morning we filled up the font, set up the room, and had a
BAPTISM!! It was sooooooo good! And a ton of members came which was
awesome! Elder Branson, Elder Matthews, Sister Stromberg, and I
preformed a special musical number at it and it turned out super well!
The spirit in the room was so strong! I love baptisms! Later that day
we went to help a new family move in to our Ward and guess who was
already there helping when we arrived? Nathan! Haha he is seriously
perfect! Yesterday at church Nathan was confirmed and also ordained to
the office of a priest! He is also working on getting his temple
recommend this week....he is literally the definition of a golden
investigator haha! We all love him!

We have an exciting week ahead of us! So today, Jason and his sister
Shelia are taking us on a hike in Marin! We are hiking Mt. Tamalpais
and when you get to the top, you can see the whole Bay Area! We are so
excited! Tomorrow, I will be going down to Vallejo and teaching in
their zone meeting! We have a couple mini exchanges we are going on
this week. And get this, this is my favorite part, we may or may not
be going to the temple this Saturday with Nathan to do baptisms with
him! We talked to President Wright yesterday about it and he is going
to get back to us today whether or not we are allowed to do that, but
still! Just being able to go to the temple with Nathan this week would
be amazing! I seriously love the Oakland Temple so much! I yearn to be
there all the time! Also, this week we find our transfer
information...and I think my time in Fairfield might be coming to an
end. President Wright told me at the beginning of the transfer that
unless Heavenly Father thinks differently, this would be my last
transfer in I'm most likely leaving this area next
week. I only have two transfers left on the mission so I'll probably
be leaving to my last area. But who knows! Heavenly Father kept me in
Petaluma for 7 1/2 months so maybe He will keep me here for 7 1/2!

I love being a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day
Saints. I love being called Sister. I love putting on a skirt or dress
everyday. I love talking about the gospel to everyone. I love trying
to become more like my Savior. I love having weaknesses. I love the
hard days. I love the good days. I love the fact that I can have so
much love for someone right after meeting them. I love my Savior and
all the He does for me. I just love life :) Look for the things you
love throughout the week! It makes life so much more lovely! Haha love
you all!

Love always, Sister ThompsonšŸ
Pics from our hike today!

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