Monday, February 1, 2016

There's Nothing Better!

Hey family!

What a great week we've had here in Petaluma, CA(my home away from
home)! Sister Nelson had an awesome week! Here are some of the

On Tuesday I was on exchanges with Sister Malmfeldt! She came here to
Petaluma and we had an awesome day! We made it a goal to hand out as
many Books of Mormon as we could and we ended up handing out five of
them that afternoon! Everyone was out because it was a beautiful day
so we were able to contact a lot of people and hand out a lot of book
of Mormons! I love missionary work! Thursday morning we went and did
work on Sister Flemings farm again! We love going to the farm, but we
get so dirty every time! We love it!

But the definite highlight of the week was Anna and Antonio's baptism
on Saturday! Such an incredible experience! So Camilo was able to
baptize his kids and Sister Nelson and I were able to watch the
baptism from right inside the font because we were in the women's
dressing room with Anna helping her get ready! We watched with Anna as
Camilo baptized Antonio and then we watched Anna be baptized! It was
so great, after Camilo baptized Antonio he looked up at the two
witnesses and said, "Did it work?" Haha everyone got a good kick out
of that. After Anna was baptized we asked her how she felt and she
said "Cold, but really good!" Haha they were smiling the rest of the
baptismal service! Camilo was in tears afterwards. He is such an
awesome guy with such a strong testimony of this gospel! So grateful
for him! We also had an awesome turn out from the ward there! So many
people showed up for the baptism that we ran out of room for anymore
chairs, so people had to stand up on the sides and the back! I
seriously love this Ward so much! The Petaluma 1st Ward has become my
home! The next day at church, we had Ward conference, and Anna and
Antonio were confirmed members of the church! They let Camilo hold the
microphone in the circle so he could feel like he was apart of it! I
am so grateful for and love the Gomes family so much! It has been such
an incredible experience being able to find Camilo, teach him and his
kids, and now see them all baptized and confirmed in the church! I
will always cherish moments and experiences like these for the rest of
my life!

Today for p-day, the Horner family took Sister Nelson and I down to
the Golden Gate Bridge! We took a hike to the Point Bonita Lighthouse!
It was SOOO beautiful and so cool! I love Northern California! It was
such a pretty hike and the Golden Gate Bridge is breathtaking in
person! All together, it has been an amazing time here in Petaluma. I
have learned so much and have fallen in love with the people I've met,
the places I've seen, and the work I'm doing everyday! I love being a
missionary in Northern California!

I hope you all have a great week! I love you all and pray for you everyday!

Love always, Sister Thompson 🌻

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