Monday, February 8, 2016

Where's the Cold Weather?

Hello friends and family!

Happy February! Right now, it's 68 degrees and sunny....and we are
LOVING it! In case you were wondering, yes I could hear all the
cheering from the super bowl yesterday! Haha it's crazy to think that
I was only like 30 minutes away from the Super Bowl! I think that's
the closest I'll ever get to it! Everyone was watching the super bowl
yesterday! You could hear everyone yelling and screaming at their TVs
through the town! Haha I loved it! But we are having beautiful weather
right now in Petaluma and we had an awesome week to go with it!

So on Tuesday we had a great zone meeting! They are changing a lot in
the mission! Like with Facebook, I can be friends with friends and
family members from back home now! So feel free to post things that I
can share with my investigators or less actives that I am teaching! We
can also use wifi in our apartments now, which is crazy, but they are
really trusting us! My apartment that I'm in right now doesn't have
wifi that I can use, so I don't have to worry about it just yet. But
they are really making our mission a "by the book" mission. We follow
all the rules in the White Handbook, the Safeguards for Using
Technology book, and the Missionary Work in the Digital Age book. Any
mission specific rules(like the can't be friends on Facebook with
family back home) have been abolished and we are to strictly follow
just what the book says! It really opens up more ways of using
technology, but it also puts a lot of trust in us missionaries!
Hopefully everything will go well with it!

To update you with the Fifita family, things aren't going to well with
them. The dad is really making things hard. The kids aren't allowed to
come to church or even read from the Book of Mormon anymore. It is
literally heartbreaking. Can you imagine not be able to read from the
Book of Mormon? The kids really liked coming to church and reading the
Book of Mormon but now, they are almost scared to even talk to us. We
honestly don't know what to do anymore. Ulita said she is trying to
file for a divorce right now, but we don't know how long that will
take. So until then, the kids can't come to church. We tried a lot of
times to go over to their house this week to teach them, but we
haven't been able to get in the door. It makes me so sad! They were
progress so much and they were all excited and ready for baptism! But
we will keep praying that the fathers heart will be softened!
Hopefully things will turn around with them!

Camilo's kids, Anna and Antonio, are doing great! They both seem
really happy and just loving life! Camilo is doing great too! He bore
a sweet testimony yesterday at church! It has been such an incredible
experience being able to witness his conversion! I love the Gomes
family so much!

So one of our investigators made sister Nelson and I blankets this
week! Her name is Sue, she's a lady in her 60s and she takes care of
her 94 year old mom Marianne! We've been teaching them both for a
while and they are progressing really slowly. Sue is definitely more
interested than her mom, but since she has to take care of her mom
24/7 she hasn't been able to make it to church yet. But Sue and
Marianne are literally the two funniest ladies I have ever met! And to
pay us back for all of our kindness, Sue crocheted us blankets! They
are SOOO nice! She is a pro at crocheting so she was able to make the
blanket in just a couple of days! Such an incredible gift! We love

Just to let you know, we find out transfers this Saturday....and I've
been in Petaluma for 7 1/2 months so I think my time here might be up.
But who knows! I could stay another! Petaluma has become my home away
from home so it is going to be so hard to leave this place. It will be
like starting my mission all over again! But we will find out this
Saturday night, so I'll let you know what's happening next week!

So this past week I've been having some really spiritual dreams at
night. I usually never having spiritual dreams but this past week I
had a couple! The coolest part about the dreams I had were that I was
able to use them in teaching this week. Like what I dreamt about was
exactly what some of the people we were teaching needed to hear. It's
so cool being able to have experiences like that. I have never been so
close to the spirit and so close to my heavenly father than now. It
was a year ago today that I decided to serve a full time mission and
how grateful I am for that decision to serve! I have grown and learned
so much. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything! I love this
work and I know that this gospel is true! I've seen so many miracles
and prayers answered on my mission that I know, without a doubt, that
this is all true. I love you all and hope you have an awesome week!

Love always, Sister Thompson 🌻

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