Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Hello from Fairfield!

Hey family!

So a lot of things have happened in the last 10 days! Like a lot haha
I don't even know where to begin! So last week on Tuesday, I went to
Santa Rosa for the day to pick up my new companion Sister Aiton! She
is most recently from Kentucky(I say most recently because her dad is
in the military and they move around a lot) but she has lived all over
the world! She even lived in Guam for a little bit! Her family lived
on the Military Base there! But she is awesome! She is hilarious and
we get along really well! But I feel bad, because this past week has
been the weirdest and craziest week ever and it was her first week on
the mission! So after we became companions we had dinner at the
mission home in Santa Rosa and then we left for Fairfield! Fairfield
is about an hour and a half drive from Santa Rosa so we got home
around 9 o'clock Tuesday night. We live with two other sisters that
are over the YSA Ward! They use to be covering the Cordelia 1st Ward
and the Ysa, but they split it up into two separate areas so now we
cover the family Ward and the other sisters(sister Ward and sister
Eyden) cover the YSA! So last week we did a lot of getting to know the
members, finding, and getting to know our area! I am proud to say that
we have not gotten lost yet haha! But Fairfield is soooo different
than Petaluma. Petaluma was a small cow town and Fairfield is a huge
sketchy city. Haha so it's different. But I love it!

So we had some crazy things happen this past weekend. So Elder Hemula
of the seventy came to our mission this weekend and spoke to us! It
was an amazing experience being able to meet him and have him speak to
us, but he threw down on us. We all felt rebuked after he spoke to us,
but in a good way haha. He spoke to us about what it means to be
"sober" and went on to tell us that it's something that our mission
needs to work on. It was an awesome conference and I have a strong
desire to improve and become better! That conference with him was on
Monday so that why pday was moved to today! But yesterday, I had the
opportunity to go to Santa Rosa for the day and attend MLC(mission
leadership council) and hear from elder Hemula again! Since I'm an STL
now I attend MLC once a month and we had the privilege of having elder
Hemula and this one! We discussed what we learned and got from the
conference with him and now what we as leaders are going to do now to
help our zones improve and become sober missionaries. Elder Hemula
talked a lot about finding desire too. So now as an STL I am preparing
to teach at zone meeting on Friday a long with the zone leaders about
what we can do with everything elder Hemula discussed with us! I am
really excited and I have preparing a lot for it! Lots of prayer and
study! Two of my favorites things now!

But the craziest thing that happened this week was that Sister Eyden
went home yesterday. So now we are in a trio with Sister Ward and we
are covering both the Cordelia 1st Ward and the YSA again! Sister Ward
is awesome so I am so excited to be in a trio with her and sister
Aiton! Sister Ward has been out on the mission for about seven months
now! I remember when she came out on the mission! Crazy how fast time
flies on the mission!

So I'll tell you about some of the people we are working with in this
area! We are still trying to meet everyone and get to know everyone
but I will tell you who I know so far! So we have an investigator
named Ally! She is 16 years old and we were able to set a baptismal
date for her last week for the 19th of March! She really likes the
church so hopefully we will be able to continue to help her strengthen
her testimony and help prepare her for baptism! We also pick up a new
investigator a couple of night ago named Shirley! Shes a lady in her
50s with a 15 year old daughter named Nelly! She was a referral we
received from and she is golden! We were able to teach her
the entire restoration on Monday night and she loved it! She wants us
to continue to teach her and she hoping for us to be able to teach her
daughter as well! We are also trying to start teaching the Besir
family! They were a referral from a family in the Ward and the Besirs
are also golden! We haven't been able to teach them yet because we
just went by on Sunday and they asked us to come back later this week,
but they want to learn and they are so prepared! I can't wait to be
able to teach them about the gospel! Also, we have investigators in
the YSA now! We had a Skype lesson with our investigator Heather this
morning actually! She is 30 and her bother joined the church a few
years ago and now she's interested in learning more! We had a really
good lesson with her! We are also teach a 21 year old boy named
Lindon! Right now he is praying about what date he wants to get
baptized on! There's a lot of good things happening over here in
Fairfield! The field is white all ready to harvest!

I love this gospel so much! I know that this church is true and that
we are truly happier as we live this gospel faithfully! I love you all
and hope you have a great week!

Here's my new address!

450 Pittman Rd. #231
Fairfield, CA 94534

Love always, Sister Thompson 🌻

Me and Steve
And the "back corner crew" (because we all sat in the back corner of
the chapel each Sunday!)

Saying goodbye to the Gomes family

Sister Oler


Last pday at the beach
Emily harmon(left on her mission last week to chile)
In Santa Rosa at transfers. With the fantastic four. Hermana reidhead,
elder beeston, elder frodsham
The famous giant hand in downtown Santa Rosa!

Sister Aiton and I!
Our district!

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