Sunday, March 6, 2016

Laughing All the Time

Hello friends and family!

So it's only been a few days since I last emailed, but so much has
happened! I am loving being in a trio with Sister Aiton and Sister
Ward! We seriously have so much fun all the time! We are ALWAYS
laughing! I love it so much! Here is a recap of what happened this
week and how our area is doing!

We've been able to teach our investigator Heather a few times! Heather
is in the YSA and she lives farther away, so we have skype lessons
with her! She is progressing really well! We talked to her about
baptism today actually and she has decided that she wants to pray a
little bit more about it, but she's not against the idea of baptism!
She is awesome! We've also been able to set up a lot of appointments
this week with potential investigators which is awesome! There a part
member family in our Ward, that we had dinner with a couple of weeks
ago and we were able to meet the non member daughter and her family!
We called her on Friday and she invited us over for dinner and a
lesson tomorrow! What a miracle! She has six cute little kids running
around the house so it should be fun! Also, while we were helping
someone move Saturday morning, we got a call from a random number and
it was a man who had taken the lessons before and wanted to get back
into it! Another miracle! We have a meeting with him tomorrow
afternoon! We are seeing miracles here in Fairfield!

At church yesterday, Sister Aiton and I were asked to give talks in
sacrament meeting! We also sat with a mom in the congregation whose
husband was at work that day and helped her handle her kids. I love
being able to serve people! After second hour of church, we went to
the institute building just down the road and went to the singles
ward! I forgot what it's like to be in a YSA haha it was their Ward
conference yesterday and the stake presidency decided to talk about
the law of chastity for 30 minutes during Sunday school...haha it was
really weird being missionary and being taught about appropriate
dating and what not haha. We just sat in the back and tried to keep
our thoughts focused on the mission and not about dating. We laughed
pretty hard after church though.

I was able to teach at zone meeting on Friday! I taught on exercising
faith. So when we got to be taught by elder Hemula he talked about how
chapter 8 in preach my gospel in how we exercise our faith as
missionaries. So I taught a whole segment on the importance of chapter
8 and why we need it and how we should use it! I learned a lot while
preparing for it! I also am preparing right now to teach in district
meeting tomorrow! I love preparing and planning for teaching!

I love this work and I love this gospel! We are so blessed to have the
gospel in our lives! Strive to emulate Christ in all that you do, and
I promise that greater blessings and happiness will flow into your
life! Have a great week! I love you all!

Love always, Sister Thompson 🌻
Pday at the park last week!
The trio!

Idaho street!
So we contacted a guy in his front yard and we started talking to him.
Turns out he builds his own cars and loves anything and everything
about Germany. So this car I'm sitting in is a car he built. I can't
remember the year but it's a Jetta and the seats in it were Rosario?
We can't remember haha but they are really nice German leather seats
haha it was an awesome contact.
Photo shoot when we got lost haha it is so green here during the
winter! I love it!

The leadership in the Fairfield zone! The STL, zone leaders, and
district leaders!

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