Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Bear Testimony of Him

Hello everyone!

What an incredible week we've had here in Fairfield, CA! A really wet
week, but it's been so good! It's been raining everyday since Friday
the 4th! Which is great because we need the rain! Plus it makes
everything SO green here which I LOVE!

We have had amazing lessons this week! We had a couple skype lessons
this week with Heather! She is still doing amazing! She is truly so
prepared by the Lord! We decided to wait just a little bit longer
until we had her off to the missionaries in Fremont because we want to
teach keeping the sabbath day holy to her with her brother first! So a
little more background info about them. They both grew up as seventh
day Adventist and in that religion they see Saturday as the sabbath
day. Jordan, her brother, took the missionaries lessons about six
years ago and became a member. He said it was hard for him to
understand why the sabbath day was on Sunday but eventually he came to
know it was true. So we want Jordan to be there for the lesson when we
teach keeping the sabbath day holy so he can help explain it to
Heather! I think Heather will be able to gain a testimony of it pretty
easily because she is so prepared!

We also had a great lesson with Zayna again this week! She is still
the coolest person I've ever met! And get this, her dad is the body of
the Hulk and Megatron. Like what? Haha He works at Lucas Film in San
Francisco and he does the body movements for the CGI for the Hulk in
the avengers and for Megatron in transformers! He's HUGE. Haha
anyways, we had a super spiritual lesson with her about scripture
study and prayer! She said something super profound to us about prayer
that I have never thought of before! She said that if you think about
it, Heavenly Father is always watching us, so if you had someone
always watching you and you didn't talk to them, that'd be super
awkward. Haha think about it, Heavenly Father is always watching us
and He watches us struggle with things and He knows exactly what
advice we need to overcome our struggles, but the only way we can get
advice from Him is through prayer. She said that and we all looked and
each other and made the hand motions of our minds being blown. I had
never thought of it that way before! So cool!

We also had a lesson with the Passini kids! So there's Tajzar Passini
who is 9 and Zee Passini who is 4 and their mom is a less active
member but she wants her kids to learn the gospel. Taj isn't baptized
so we are preparing him for that! Taj is a huge Warriors fan so we hit
it off great! Haha we taught him the importance of prayer and he is so
smart! Love that kid! We will continue to teach him and hopefully get
him and his mom back to church! Speaking of church, Shirley and her
niece Jessica came to church yesterday! They only came to sacrament
meeting but they both loved it and said they are coming next week too!
Woo! Hopefully we can find a time to meet with them this week!

We had an incredible lesson with Ally this week! So Ally is our 16
year old investigator right now, her mom is less active but wants Ally
to be apart of the church! So Ally learns a lot better with visual
hands on things so I have a diagram of the plan of salvation that we
taught her with! It has different pieces that you put together to
learn the plan of salvation in order and what happens at each part!
Ally has been taught the plan of salvation two other times before this
and she still didn't get it, but this time, after we explained it to
her using the diagram, she was able to put the diagram together by
herself and teach us about it! It was so cool! I was smiling so big
the entire time she was teaching us because it was such a huge
difference from her other lessons! So amazing!

So we had two other amazing lessons this week which lead to two new
investigators! So the Cristobals are a part member family in our Ward
and we have been trying to teach them for a while but we haven't been
able to get in the door. On Wednesday night we went over and the mom,
who isn't a member let us in! Like what?! Turns out they had just lost
their oldest daughter back in January and the mom is really grieving
right now. We were able to have a super spiritual lesson with her
about the plan of salvation and the Book of Mormon. She agreed to read
the Book of Mormon and to have us come over again this week. It was
such a spiritual lesson! It was so cool! Hopefully we can get the rest
of the family active and all members of the church! The family needs
it! Our other amazing lesson we had was with a referral we received
named Sharlene. Sharlene went on to and requested
missionaries to come and teach her. She is incredible. Literally, it
was one of the most incredible lessons I've ever been apart of. She's
in her late 30s and she lives in a little 12x6 foot trailer in
someone's backyard. She lives there with her husband and her step
daughter. I don't know how she does it, we could barely fit in there
for the lesson. But it was one of the most humbling experiences I've
been apart of. We sat on little cartons on the floor and taught her
the restoration and the spirit was so strong. She has such a strongest
desire to allow Christ to change her life. She's had a rough life but
she knows that Christ can help her. Which is crazy because she doesn't
know anything about Christ. She's not very familiar about the bible,
but she has such a strong faith is God and Christ. At one point in the
lesson we asked her what she thinks she can do to come closer to
Christ. She said, "I want to be baptized. That's how I want to come
closer to Christ." We all smiled and told her that we can help her get
to baptism! It was seriously the coolest lesson and we are going over
again this week to continue to teach her! I love being a missionary!

Go to Moroni chapter 7 in the Book of Mormon and if you look at verses
26 and 31 side by side and middle line of 26 over to the bottom line
of 31 it reads "And as surely as Christ liveth bear testimony of him."
I want everyone to know that I know that this gospel is true. I have
such a strong testimony of it! I know that true peace and happiness
comes from living this gospel! I have seen lives changed because of
Christ and His gospel. I know that He lives and loves us! I love you
all and hope you all have an amazing week!

Love always, Sister Thompson 🌻

Pday last week at the institute building!
A selfie cuz why not? Haha
So sister Ward is a photographer so I have a lot of photos of me
that's she's taken. Normally I don't have a ton of pictures of just
me, but she's an awesome photographer and always wants to take

Service for the Reeds and in return she's a hairdresser she gave us
free deep condition treatments today on pday!
The ITS-IT factory is here in Fairfield! They are ice cream sandwiches
that are famous in the Bay Area!

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