Monday, March 7, 2016

Someone He Can Count On

Hello family and friends!

I love being a missionary.

There is truly nothing better than being close to the spirit everyday.
There's a phrase from a song called Someone He Can Count On that I've
been thinking about a lot lately. "I can't think of anything more
sweet than to follow where the spirit leads and be the answer to
someone else's prayer." I love that. I love knowing that we can follow
the spirit and be the answer to someone's prayer. It is such a sweet
experience following the spirit.

This week was awesome! Our investigator Heather in the YSA is
progressing so well! I'm not sure if I told you this already, but
Heather doesn't live in our mission boundaries. She lives down in
Fremont, CA which is south of Oakland. That's why we've been teaching
her over Skype. Her brother, Jordan, lives up here and attends the YSA
here and he wanted missionaries to start teaching his sister with him
there. So we usually skype with Heather and Jordan also skypes in. But
Heather is doing so good! She always keeps her commitments and she is
praying right now about baptism! But I think this week we are going to
hand her off to the missionaries in Fremont. It's going to be an
awesome day for them! Haha getting handed an investigator that's
almost ready for baptism! We are so excited for Heather and we hope
the hand off will go well!

We also met with Zayna this week! She is a 21 year old girl that was
just baptized back in November! She is incredible! Probably the
coolest person I've ever met haha but the church actually filmed her
conversion process! They are making new missionary training videos(for
those who are serving missions, The District videos) in the Tempe,
Arizona mission and Zayna was living there for school when she got
baptized! So they filmed all her lessons, her baptism, and her
experiences in the church! She moved back to Fairfield after she was
baptized and now we are finishing her lessons! Luckily, we aren't
being filmed haha I don't think I could focus if there was a camera
filming the lesson! Anyways, we met with her this week and she is
doing so good! She's having a hard time at home, but she is relying so
much on her savior to carry her through this hard time! It's
incredible seeing her faith and her love of this gospel! She's

We picked up two new investigators this week! It was a miracle! We got
a text randomly from a lady who use to meet with missionaries asking
if we could teach her again! Her name is Shirley she is a cute little
Philippine lady in her 50's and her 29 year old niece lives with her
so we are teaching both of them right now! They came and did service
at the food bank with us on Thursday and then they had is over for
dinner Friday night where we were able to teach them the restoration
and invite them to be baptized! They both accepted and committed to
read the Book of Mormon! Shirley is the cutest little lady ever! Most
of her extended family are members of the church so she has a big
support group for taking the lessons and joining the church! The only
hard thing is that Shirley works A TON. So it's going to be hard to
find time for us to be able to teach her, but God will provide a way!

Some other highlights of the week were going to the Jelly Belly
factory for pday last week, doing service for an older lady in our
ward(we helped her paint parts of her house), going on my first
exchange as an STL with Hermana Mendez, having amazing dinners at
members homes(I have a new found love for Indian food, Thai food, and
Greek food since being on my mission), attending Break the Fast for
the YSA Ward yesterday(man, I've missed being in a YSA Ward!), and
just having an awesome time with my companions Sister Ward and Sister
Aiton! We are all such good friends and we are always laughing and
making mission memories! I love it!

I have learned so much on my mission thus far and I am so grateful for
it. I'm changing everyday as I seek to do my Fathers will. I have come
to love studying and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love the
fact that I get to wake up every morning and put on my name tag and
put Christs name over my heart. I love that I get to share a message
of joy and peace with others and then watch as the joy floods into
their life as they partake of this gospel. There is nothing as sweet
as the fruits of this gospel! I love you all and hope you have an
amazing week! Don't forget to always follow the spirit!

Love always, Sister Thompson 🌻

Fancy Greek dinner at the Biggs home
Us just having fun before bed haha

View from our apartment on a rainy day
Just cuz we wanted to take pictures haha and I did sister aitons
makeup this morning. #beautyschooldropout haha

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