Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Come What May and Love It!

Hello family and friends!

So as I'm writing this email right now, I'm surrounded by bins and
suitcases and clothes...that's right, I'm being transferred tomorrow!
My 7 1/2 months in Petaluma is coming to an end :( but not only am I
being transferred, but I have an exciting new transfer ahead of me! So
I'm being transferred to Fairfield, CA and I will be opening up a new
area! I'll be serving in the Cordelia 1st Ward! There haven't been
missionaries just in that Ward for a while now! So I will be opening
the area again and my companion will be...a greenie! Yelp, that's
right, I'm training a brand new missionary in a brand new area! I'm
super excited but I am also really nervous as well! To go from here in
Petaluma, where I know everyone and everything like the back of my
hand, to a brand new area where missionaries haven't been for a while
with a companion that has never been a missionary! This should be
exciting! But to add to everything next transfer, President Wright has
asked me to be an STL(sister training leader) which is like the girl
version of a zone leader! So I will be over the sisters and hermanas
in the Fairfield zone! Being an STL means I go on exchanges with all
the sisters, I help teach at district and zone meetings, and I go to
MLC(mission leadership conference) once a month in Santa Rosa! Talk
about a really busy and exciting transfer I have ahead of me! I'm
really excited for this new adventure! I'm excited to be pushed and
pulled by Heavenly Father and to grow and learn a lot! Come what may
and love it!

This week was good! At district meeting on Tuesday, we played chubby
bunny while trying to teach. It was hilarious haha! Our district
leader was trying to show us how things that hinder the spirit really
affect how a lesson goes. So him coming around and putting
marshmallows in our mouths was his way of "hindering the spirit"! It
was pretty funny! Saturday morning, president Wright called me and
told me what was happening with me next transfer. He was joking around
with me on the phone because he just kept on asking me if in be
willing to do things. Like "Sister Thompson, would you be willing to
train a new missionary?", "Would you be willing to open a new area?"
and so on. So he started joking around with me saying that I also
needed to find a part time job and I need to finish the Book of Mormon
by the end of next transfer! I told him I could do all of it except
find a part time job. Haha he told me I answered correctly and that my
priorities are were they should be! Haha I love president Wright!
Also, yesterday we had stake conference and sister Nelson and I sang!
We sang a duet! We were super nervous,but it turned out really well!
We also went heart attacking Saturday night and stuck a bunch of
hearts and sticky notes on the doors of our investigators and less
actives! Thanks for the Valentine's Day package you sent! You guys
know me way too well! I loved everything in it!

Its been a sad weekend though saying goodbye to everyone. My heart
breaks a little more each time I say goodbye to someone. I have come
to love and care for so many people here in Petaluma, and to think
that I won't be here anymore to see them, is heartbreaking. I asked
Brother Wasden to give me a blessing last night before I go, and I was
promised in the blessing that I would be able to move on, but that
it's going to be hard. And let me tell, it's hard. This area has
taught me so much about being a missionary, about myself, and about
the gospel. It's going to be hard leaving, and I have a really big
challenge ahead of me, but I am ready and willing! Come what may and
love it!

I love you all and I can feel all the prayers and support from home!
Thank you so much for everything! Also, ps. My Pday next week will be
on Wednesday!

Love always, Sister Thompson 🌻

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