Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hey Every Juan!

Hi family!

This week seemed like the longest week of my life, but it was still a super good! I feel like we did everything again this week haha! I love being busy! 

This email will probably be super short because I can't remember anything we did this week haha. But I know we had family night with Corey and her family! It was super great! They are doing really well!

We taught Gabriel a TON this week! We were focusing on teaching member present lessons this week for our zone competition so we had some SOLID lessons with him! And guess what? He came to church on Sunday! Woo! Finally! And he liked it so much that he said he was going to come back every week! So that's awesome! We were so happy when we saw him walk in! The pure joy of missionary work! 

We also had zone conference in Petaluma this past week! It's an all day meeting with President and Sister Wright, the APs, tech elders, and the SAN Rafael zone! It was sooooo good! I was in a special musical number for it with sister Stromberg, elder Joyner, and elder field! Sister Stromberg and elder field are in the other zone so they practiced together and then elder Joyner and I practiced together and then we put it together on the spot at zone conference! And it turned out super well!! I also had to give my departing testimony because I'm going home this transfer....I didn't cry. So that's good hahaha I don't like to think about the end. But everyone keeps reminding me that it's coming soon. But it's ok, it hasn't hit me yet haha. 

Other than that, we did a lot of teaching and heart attacking this week haha we decorated all the missionaries apartment doors this week! It was super fun doing it and everyone loved it! I love leaving kind notes for people! But the best part about the day is that the tech elder heart attacked our door while we were out doing everyone else's door. It totally made our day coming home to it! Gotta love the elders! 

Well know that I am doing well! Loving life and loving the gospel more and more everyday! I love you all! Have an awesome week!

Love always, Sister ThompsonšŸ

Juan the egg! Haha it's an inside joke with the tech elders!

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