Monday, September 26, 2016

He prayed! He prayed!!

Sept. 26, 2016
Hi family!

This week has been awesome! So many good things happened this week! I would have to say the best thing this week was that Gabriel finally prayed all on his own!! We had a lesson with him Wednesday night about the importance of having daily individual prayer and we committed him to say personal prayers more often. Gabriel hasn't prayed on his own for a LONG time and he was very hesitant about it, but we texted him right before we went to bed Wednesday night and reminded him to pray, and he responded telling us that he knelt down and prayed right after we left his home earlier in the evening!!! We didn't see his text until the morning, but let me tell you, that is the best thing to wake up to in the morning! We asked him how it went and he said that it felt really good and peaceful and that he was feeling really happy that day!! Ahhhh!! He prayed! Crazy how one person praying can bring you so much joy! We will continue to help Gabriel make baby steps towards baptism this week!
Beautiful Santa Rosa!

We helped pick a lady's pears from her tree, so we climbed in the tree to get the ones at the top!

So we had transfers this week! My new companion, Sister Smith, is seriously the sweetest person I have ever met in my entire life! There is not a mean bone in her body! She's from McCammon, IDAHO! My first, and only, Idahoan companion! She's has been out on her mission for about 5 months and we get along super well! People think we are sisters when they first see us! Haha we are two peas in a pod!

Four of my companions! I got to see them all on Friday at MLC!!

We also had MLC on Friday which is always a good time. I love hearing from President and Sister Wright and the assistants! It was a really good MLC! After, the Zone Leaders and I met and discussed what we wanted to do for zone meeting tomorrow! It is going to be soooo good! We have a epic zone vision this transfer that we came up with! We are focusing on the Key Indicators and we are have a District vs. District competition using the key indicators! Each week we are focusing on one of the key indicators and whatever district can get the highest numbers that week for that key indicator, wins for the week. At the end of the transfer, what ever district has the most wins, gets to have a big dinner/party at President and Sister Wrights home! President loved that part haha! The zone vision to go along with it is "Its All About K.E.Y.S" and KEYS stands for Keep Emulating Your Savior. So at zone meeting tomorrow, I'm going to be teaching about the key indicators and how Christ use key indicators also in His ministry! This transfer is going to be super good!

Watching General women's Meeting! Haha we watched it with Sister Wright so we took a picture of us pretending to be asleep to send to President! Haha he got a good kick out of it!

This past week was a little slow because of all the meetings and what not, but Sister Smith and I are determined to work hard this transfer! We are pumped for the zone challenge we have and we want to win! Haha I'm working on a tshirt design right now for our zone vision! This transfer is going to be so good!

Well know that I am doing good and loving every second! I am so grateful for the things I have learned, am learning, and will continue to learn in the next five weeks! I love my mission and I love my Savior! I hope you all have an amazing week! Love you!

Love always, Sister ThompsonšŸ

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