Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hello from Nor Cal :)

Happy PDay and happy June!!

I can't believe it's June already! May just flew by! So did this past
week! We've been staying pretty busy so the days have been starting to
blur together! I also want to say thank you for all the letters I've
been getting in the mail! Especially from the girls back home that are
all about to leave on missions this month! It means so much to me
getting letters and emails from you all!! To all the girl preparing to
serve, the only advice I have for you is to have courage. Don't be
afraid to dive right in and get to work. When you come out, be willing
and unafraid to try everything. The Lord is with you. ALWAYS. Remember
that and you'll never be afraid. You were all born to do this!

So this past week was awesome! Haha like every other week(just being a
missionary in general is awesome!). So I had the opportunity to teach
at district meeting this past week! Such a great experience, I loved
it! I thought it went really well! And we also had tech. training this
week too! We have tech. training once a transfer usually and it's just
the tech elders coming and talking to use about new rules and stuff to
know about the technology we use while on our missions! This week we
learned that we are getting Facebook back next transfer! They didn't
give us too much detail about it, but we are going to start
proselyting online again soon! I'll tell you more about it as soon as
I find out more about it haha.
Teaching our investigators this week was great! So we met with Mike
this week. He is still going strong but still has a hard time
committing to come to church. He has a hard time around crowds, but he
said he was getting some medication for it so he should be able to
come sometime in this next month! I really hope he can come! He is so
solid and has a great desire to learn and make a change in his life.
But our investigator Wally came to church yesterday for the first
time!!!!!!! It was awesome! They called a new bishopric yesterday so
Wally got to hear the testimonies of the old bishopric and the new!
Also, during sacrament meeting sis. Lesser, myself, sis. Poulter, and
sis. N sang! We sang a song called "Carried By Love". It turned out
really great! I sang the tenor/bass part up an octave :) Sis. Lesser
and I also had a few less actives make it to church yesterday! It
makes me SO happy seeing people make it to church! I told sis. Lesser
that there's two types of missionary work: welcoming into the fold
sheep who have never been there, and returning to the fold sheep who
were once apart of it but were lost. So having investigators AND less
actives come to church is so awesome!! We also picked up a couple new
investigators this week!! Julia, who is a lady with a 12 year old son
and lives by us, and Bruce, an older guy who lives in a clean and
sober house just wanting to learn! Julia is super interested and wants
her and her son to be baptized! But she is so hard to get a hold of!
And Bruce, we have only taught once but we have another appointment
with him this week so we will see how that goes! I LOVE MISSIONARY
WORK. Being on a mission makes me wish that I would have helped out
the missionaries back home a lot more. Working with the members is SO
helpful as a missionary! I wish I would have done more for them!

So dad, guess what? I had fish for the first time this week...and I
didn't die. Not as bad as I thought it would be haha but still a
little weird. You learn a lot on your mission ;) I absolutely love
having dinner with the members every night! I have gotten to know the
ward pretty well and I love it! I'm sad that I'm going to leave this
Ward someday! Speaking of that, transfer doctrine comes out this
Friday! Which means this is week 6 of this transfer! So next week on
Tuesday is when transfers actually happen, but we find out where
everyone is going this Friday. Most likely, I'm going to be staying
here. It's common for greenies to stay in their first area for at
least the first 12 weeks of their missions. But who knows what will
happen! The APs know me pretty well so they might think I can handle a
new area already or a new trainer or they might keep sis. Lesser and I
together for a little bit longer! I hoping for the last option haha I
love Sister Lesser! We work really well together and we work hard!
Plus, if I stay and she leaves, that would mean I would be leading out
the area. Which I'm not sure I'm ready to do that! But we will find
out soon enough!
I hope you all have a great first week of June and that you remember
to pray always! I love you!

Love always, Sister Thompson :)

1. Elder and Sister Seely are leaving today :( elder Seely was the
vehicle coordinator and sister Seely was the office secretary! Sad to
see them leave! They lived right next door to us!
2. A selfie with them :)
3.  The sisters of the mission mansion :) Sister Ngawharau, sis.
Poulter, me, and sister lesser

1. Some of the films that were shot here!
2. My district! Sis. Lesser, me, sis. Reidhead, sis. Titensor, elder
Blake, elder prince, elder Frodsham, elder Beeston!
3. There is golden state stuff everywhere here and I love it!!
4. Sis. Lesser and I :)
5. I matched the garage door so I took a picture haha

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