Monday, June 15, 2015

Laughs on laughs on laughs

Hello family!

This week was awesome! Such an amazing week! So my new companion....literally my best friend. Haha her name is Sister Whimpey and she is from Mesa, Arizona. She's been out 15 months so she only has this transfer and the next transfer left :( but I seriously love her so much! We laugh SO hard every single day! We are a lot alike so it's just a bunch of fun together! This transfer is going to be so great! She is a HARD worker so we have a lot of goals and challenges we are doing this transfer! I love it!
So this past week we had transfers and the mini mission experience for the stake! We had a cute little 16 year old girl stay with us for three days and it was the greatest way to start of the transfer! Her name was Sister Adams and she was awesome! Sister Whimpey and I LOVED having her with us! So since we live with two other sisters, they had a girl stay with them too, sister Wilson, so there were six of us girls staying in the same apartment and it was SO much fun!! We laughed so hard every single night! At the end of the three days we had a big testimony meeting were the mini missionaries could get up and bear their testimonies about their experiences. Sis. Wilson said the funniest thing about sister Whimpey and me. She was talking about sis Ngawharau and sis Pett and how they taught her all this spiritual stuff and then so goes, "and sister Thompson, you taught me how to be cool." Haha everyone started laughing so hard and then she said "and sister Whimpey, you taught me how to not be wimpy." We were all in tears by the end because we were laughing so hard! Sister Adams got up and bore her testimony also and she also cracked a few jokes about sister Whimpey and I haha everyone was coming up to us afterwards and asking us to teach them how to be cool and not wimpy. Overall, the mini mission experience was AMAZING and I wish we had something like that back home! It gets rid of the unknown about serving a mission! 
So we had transfers on Tuesday, and I got to see all the girls that came with me from the MTC at the transfer meeting! It was so fun seeing them again and talking about our experiences we've had! Sister Whimpey is my follow up trainer(my dad) and it was hard saying goodbye to sister lesser but sister Whimpey is awesome and we are literally like long lost best friends! We worked HARD this week and I love it! We are trying hard to work more with the members and get them more involved with missionary work! I'm so excited for this transfer! I have a good feeling about it! 
So the only down fall this week that I can think of right now is that none of our investigators of less actives came to church...but the meeting was amazing. President and sister Alba gave their farewell talk yesterday. I seriously love them so much. I feel so spoiled to be serving in their Ward and that I get to see them so often. Honestly, I am going to miss them so much! 
Well know that I am working hard and loving every second of it! I love this work with all my heart! Today is my 2 month mark which means I only have 16 months left....that is so depressing! Time is going by WAY too fast! I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love Always, Sister Thompson :) 
1. Sister Lesser and I with our investigator Mike and less active Ken.
They smile, I promise haha
2. The reunion of my MTC district
3. Sister Whimpey and I :)
4,5. Us with our mini Sister Adams!

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