Monday, October 19, 2015

20 Years Young...

Hello everyone!

Isn't life wonderful? :)

This week was incredible! Heavenly Father is truly blessing this area!
Sister Jordan and I did a lot of Tracting and finding this week and it
was awesome! We were able to get in contact with a lot of people!

So here are some of the highlights from the week! We had dinner with a
less active member named Larry on Wednesday night! He hadn't been to
church in a LONG time and we always have a hard time getting a hold of
him! But we had dinner with him Wednesday and it was great! We were
able to leave a short, powerful dinner message about the blessings
that come from keeping God's commandments, particularly coming to
church each Sunday! On Thursday, we went over to Nanna's house and did
yard work for her in the morning! Nanna is a 77 year old lady that
isn't a member of the church and she is probably one of the funniest
people I know! We all love her! Thursday night, we got to go to a
relief society activity! It was so fun! We had a "get to know the
sisters in the ward" night! We each had to bring a gift bag with here
items in it that explained kind of who we are or what we like! Then we
had to try and guess whose bag was whose! It was great getting to know
the sisters in our ward better! I feel right at home here in the
Petaluma 1st ward! We had district meeting on Friday! That was great!
We related the movie "Like Mike" to the gospel haha we changed it to
"Like Christ"! It was a great district meeting! Our new district
leader this transfer is Elder Branson! Later that night, we had dinner
with the Randall family and I tried lamb for the first time! Not too

But I think the biggest highlight this week was the weekend! So on
Saturday morning, we went a volunteered and a community event called
The Walk to End Alzheimer's! We were in charge on monitoring the
walkers and cheering them on! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! We made up cheers
and songs to help motivate the walkers! Haha we had a great time! I'll
send pictures! Later that day, sister Jordan and I were tracting and
on our way back to the car we met a lady named Fran out on a walk!
Turns out she had just moved to Petaluma and it was her 91st birthday!
We both gave her huge hugs and told her how amazing she was and how
much God loves her. Fran started crying because she said she's been
having a rough time and our kindness and love meant so much to her! We
got her address and she told us to come over sometime! What a miracle!
I love it when God places certain people in our path that allows us to
help them in some way! Meeting Fran definitely made my day! And to top
off the great week, yesterday was a GREAT day! So we woke up and I
opened my birthday packages! My roommates all watched and made sound
effects as I opened it haha it was good! Thank you so much for the
gifts! I LOVED all of them! Then we went to church and the word got
out that it was my birthday, so members came up and wished me a happy
birthday. Some even got me a gift! I felt so loved! I seriously am so
blessed! I'm surrounded by so many great people! But guess who came to
church yesterday? LARRY! The less active we had dinner with on
Wednesday!! It was so incredible seeing him at church yesterday and
participating in class! BEST BIRTHDAY EVER. And our recent convert
Steve, received the Aaronic Priesthood yesterday too! BEST BIRTHDAY
EVER. After church, Camilo threw a birthday bbq for me! Camilo and his
whole family were there, the Schmidt family from the ward(who I
love!), and the Spanish and second ward elders came! We had authentic
Brazilian bbq! It was SOOO good! During the bbq, I stopped and sat
back and watched everyone around me. Everyone was smiling, laughing,
and just glowing. I couldn't help but feel so much love and gratitude
at that moment. I was surrounded by people that I loved, people I had
just met, but people that I loved so much. People that I couldn't
imagine my life without them. I said a quick little prayer at that
moment and thanked Heavenly Father for allowing me to be apart of
these people's lives. Camilo got me white orchids for my birthday and
I placed them on the kitchen table. Every time I see them, it reminds
me of how truly blessed I am and how grateful I am for the wonderful
people that surround me! Seriously, the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER.

I love being a missionary. I love my mission. I love the people. I
love this gospel. I love my savior. I just love life :) I hope you all
have a wonderful week as you try a see the blessings that Heavenly
Father is pouring out upon you each day! How blessed we are!

Love always, Sister Thompson 🌻

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