Monday, October 12, 2015

A Week of Milestones!

Hello everyone! :)

Man, what a great first week of October! To be honest, it doesn't feel
like fall. Mostly because the weather here is still in the 70s
everyday. And I'm not complaining, but I do miss the cooler weather
that fall brings and the beautiful colors!

So to start off, let me tell you what's happening with transfers!
Sister Jordan and I are staying together for another transfer here in
Petaluma!!! I am SO happy to being staying another transfer in this
area and with sister Jordan!! I absolutely love this area and the
Petaluma 1st ward! Also, our whole apartment is staying the same next
transfer! So both of the hermanas we live with are staying! I'm SO
happy!! This next transfer is going to be so great!

So let me tell you what's been going on here in the greatest mission
in the world! Sister Jordan and I have been working hard here in
Petaluma, California! Camilo is doing sooooo good! He has been
completely clean for the past two and a half weeks!!!! CAMILO IS
LIVING THE WORD OF WISDOM!! AHHHHH!!!! He has a new baptismal date for
October 31st and he is so excited for his baptism!! Camilo says hi by
the way haha he took sister Jordan and I out to lunch today! He wanted
me to tell you all hi! He is so great and I just love him so much! His
two kids, Anna Sophia and Antonio, are also doing good! Yesterday at
church, it was the primary program and Antonio performed with the
kids! He knew all of the songs too! When I saw him up there signing
all of the primary songs, my heart just melted! And Anna Sophia has
really taken an interest in learning! It's hard though, because Camilo
has dual custody of his kids, they are only in Petaluma on the
weekends. Which makes it hard to teach them because they are usually
out doing stuff with friends and family on the weekends, so we have
been trying to get over there as much as we can to teach them! That's
why we don't have a baptismal date for Anna and Antonio yet. But we
are working on it!

We met with our new investigator Brandi again last night! She has
started praying every day which is AMAZING! Brandi has no religious
background at all, so she doesn't really know who God or Jesus Christ
are. So last night we watched the movie "Finding Faith in Christ" with
her. The movie is only about 30 minutes long, but it does a great job
of showing Christs life and what he did for us! She really liked it
and she was amazed by all the good that Jesus Christ did while he was
here on the earth! Brandi also came to church yesterday for the first
time! That was awesome! She said she is really going to try to make it
to church every week now!

So some highlights from the week! Of course, teaching our
investigators, recent converts, and less actives! Camilo, Anna and
Antonio, Brandi, Paul, Marrianne and Sue, Amelia, Steve, Sister Oler,
Brother Rowley, Cynthia, Larry, Sister Jones, and Sister Tobias! We
also went to the beach on Monday last week! We went to Dilan Beach,
which is a 30 minute drive from Petaluma! It was beautiful and so fun!
We had zone meeting on Tuesday! That was really good! I love hearing
and learning from other missionaries! Sister Jordan's birthday was on
Wednesday! So we celebrated! We had cake and we decorated her room and
just tried to make it the best day for her! She turned 24! My son is
all grown up! Haha we went tracting a lot this week and we found a few
potentials so that is exciting! We helped spread mulch at the Petaluma
Bounty Garden and sister Jordan and I got to help bathe Camilo's dog
for him! Haha we had a fun time this week!

So this up coming week is a week of milestones for me! On Thursday I
hit my 6 month mark....that came way too fast. I can't believe I've
been out for 6 months! That's crazy! Time is moving too fast! I also
turn 20 this week and I don't know how I feel about that haha my life
is moving way too fast! I remember when the brothers were turning 20
on their missions and thinking "ew, they are so old." And now I'm
here. On a mission and turning 20. Haha but I wouldn't want to
celebrate my 20th birthday anywhere else! I love being a missionary
and I love this work! It's incredible being able to see people change
their lives and come closer to Jesus Christ. I have truly seen
miracles in the short 6 months I have been out, and I am so grateful
for them. Gods hand is in our lives everyday, we just have to
recognize it! I love you all and I hope you all have a great week!

Love always, Sister Thompson 🌻

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