Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!!

Hello family and friends!

This week was CRAZY. But I loved it :) I feel like we went everywhere
and did everything this week and talked to so many people!

We are working hard to get the Fifita family ready for baptism. Right
now, I think it will just be the mom, the 16 year old daughter Fusi,
and the 10 year old boy JJ, that will be getting baptized on 1 JAN
2016. Only Fusi and JJ were able to make it to church yesterday, but
they loved it! Fusi is the one that really wants this. She can feel a
difference with this church compared to others. It's an incredible
experience teaching her and her family! They are like sponges! They
just absorb everything we teach! We love the Fifita family!

The missionary Christmas devotional we had Thursday morning was so
good! So there were six different zones there(San Rafael north and
south, Santa Rosa north and south, Napa, and lake county)! It was so
fun seeing missionaries that I use to serve around! We started out in
the church cultural hall and we talked and ate breakfast all together.
I couldn't eat much because I was so nervous to sing! Then each zone
did their lip sync skit! It was so funny watching everyone get up and
get so into it! We were laughing hard all morning! Then we moved into
the chapel for the devotional part. Sister Wright spoke to us, we had
musical numbers, and we watched videos! Elder Bertola and I were the
closing musical number so we had to be nervous the entire time haha
but it turned out pretty well! President Wright spoke last and man oh
man, I love president wright! He spoke about finding true joy and it
was amazing! He also quoted me in his talk :) I felt special haha but
it was an awesome talk!

Well I am so excited for Christmas! It's been raining non stop here
for the past couple of days! ITS SO WET! There's lots of Christmas
lights up and we are listening to and singing Christmas music to help
us get ready for Christmas! We have a lot of appointments this week
because everyone wants to make sure we are taken care of during the
holidays! I love this Ward so much!

I hope each of you has a very Merry Christmas as we remember the birth
of our Savior! I want to challenge each of you to say a prayer before
you open your presents on Christmas morning(individually or as a
family). In your prayer, let Heavenly Father know how grateful you are
for the gift that He gave each of us, His only Begotten Son. As you do
this, the true spirit of Christmas will fill your heart as you enjoy
the wonderful day! I love you all and I wish you the best now and
always! Merry Christmas!

Love always, Sister Thompson 🌻
Picture with a giant poinsettia
Elder Solo and I! He's the elder that flew on the plane with us to
California and he's from Samoa! Love that guy!
Hermana Titensor and I at the Christmas devotional
Elder Butterfield and I reunited at the devotional! I served around
him for the first 7 1/2 months of my mission!

The sunrise from our apartment the other morning :)

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