Monday, December 28, 2015

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone!

This week was awesome! Christmas on the mission was incredible! So
here are the highlights from this week!

On Tuesday we went on exchanges so sister Aguilar came to Petaluma
with me! It was so fun! I love sister Aguilar! On Wednesday sister
Nelson and I went around to our members and investigators and caroled
to them and drop off goodies! We wrote our own song to carol to people
at their it is!

We came to you on a afternoon clear
With gifts for you so dear
We hope you like the gifts we give
And we know our savior lives
Peace on the earth good will is great store
That we like to shop at because we're poor
Now we're running out of things to say
We love you, Merry Christmas, and have a nice day!

Haha our members got a good kick out of our song! It was so fun! On
Christmas Eve, we had dinner with the Terribilinis, then we went
caroling with bishop dame and his family, and then we went to the
Giffords and ate again, opened presents and read a Christmas story!
The Giffords got us pajamas and other little goodies! We love our
members! When we got home Christmas Eve, the hermanas and us opened up
our Christmas presents from home! THANK YOU SO MUCH! We time lapsed us
opening our presents! We had a fun time opening all of our presents
together and seeing what we all got. Then we did studies, and after
studies we went caroling to some assisted living centers in Petaluma.
After that we went back to the church and had lunch as a zone, and
then we skyped home! It's was so fun seeing you guys and talking to
you! Looks like everyone is doing good at home. For Christmas dinner
we went over to the Harmon's, we had a fun time talking with them and
laughing with them. Then later that evening we went over to Sister
Oler's home and watched Mr. Krueger's Christmas with her. So over all
Christmas Day was awesome and really fun! The day after Christmas, we
had interviews with president wright! I love president! He is awesome!

As for our investigators, I think it will just be Ulita, Fusi, and JJ
getting baptized, and as of right now it will be on Sunday, but we are
going to have to talk with them since they didn't make it to church
this Sunday. So their baptism might be pushed back even farther, but
we had an awesome lesson with Fusi the other night, and she really
wants to be baptized, it's just going to be hard to get to church
every Sunday day with her family. They are such an awesome family
though! I love them!

So we find out this weekend what's happening with transfers...its very
likely that I will be leaving Petaluma since I've been here for a
while, but who knows! I hope you all have a great week! I love you

Love always, Sister Thompson 🌻
Elder frodshom and elder beeston and I all served in the same district
back in Santa Rosa and now we're back!

Caroling to members!

Presents from my secret Santa!

Our new Christmas Eve pajamas!

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