Monday, April 25, 2016

A Mighty Change of Heart

Hello Family!

Wow. What an incredible week I have had. I think this past week and
more specifically this past weekend has been the most spiritual
weekend of my entire life. The Holy Ghost has revealed so much to me
and I feel so close to my Heavenly Father right now. Here are the
highlights from this week though!

After district meeting on Tuesday, I went on exchanges with Hermana
Carey in her area! So Hermana Carey has only been out on the mission
for three weeks now, so I was a little hesitant at first when I got
the prompting to go on exchanges with her in her area(because leading
out an area for the first time can be scary and overwhelming,
especially in a different language) but the spirit kept telling me
that it was going to all be okay. And the exchanges was awesome!
Hermana Carey is an amazing missionary with so much potential! She is
a hard worker and I learned a lot from her on the exchange! I think I
needed that exchange more than she did!

Thursday was an awesome day. Sister Aiton and I were able to contacts
tons of people that day, we taught 3 lessons, and we just had so much
fun while doing missionary work! We have made it a rule for ourselves
that we open our mouths to everyone. Literally everyone we come in
contact with. So whether it be through the car windows at a red light,
someone walking by us on the streets, or the cashier we literally talk
to everyone about the gospel. And it is so fun! Haha and super awkward
at times, but you feel so much joy as you share the gospel with

So here's what happened this weekend and then I'll explain what made
it so spiritual. So Friday morning, Sister Bear, Sister Ngawharau,
Hermana Burton and I all drove up to Santa Rosa for MLC! We stayed and
worked in Santa Rosa for the night and then had a sister sleepover at
the Larson's home(a senior couple that works in the mission office)!
Then Saturday morning, our companions met up with us and then we drove
to the Santa Rosa stake center to hear from Elder David A. Bednar!!!
Oh my goodness gracious....that was the coolest meeting I have ever
been apart of! Sister Aiton and I were in charge of the music for the
meeting so we were up on the stand with Elder Bednar! I was the
chorister and I was literally standing 6 inches away from him while I
was leading the songs....coolest thing ever. We first heard from three
members of the seventy(whose names I can't remember at the moment
haha) then we heard from Bishop Davies(first counsellor in the
presiding bishopric) and then we heard from Elder Bednar! Elder Bednar
is the coolest person ever haha he was so casual and loose with us! He
did more of a Q&A with us which was by far the best thing for us! The
spirit in the room was so strong! We discussed a lot about impressions
of the spirit, having a change of heart, and seeking to do the Fathers
will. I wish I could give in detail the entire meeting, but it's hard
to write down the impressions of the spirit that not only I, but
everyone in the room was having. He told us some incredible stories
and things! The closing hymn was How Firm a Foundation and we sang
verses 1-3, and 7. As I was leading the song, I could see all the
missionaries in the mission. Most of them I knew and have served with
and most of them were all making faces at me or smiling super big at
me(which I loved haha)! But as we were singing verse 7, the spirit in
the room was stronger than ever. I almost started tearing up(again)
during the song! Seeing and hearing all the missionaries that I have
come to love sing, "I'll never, no never, no never forsake!"  was so
powerful! We all got to shake all the general authorities hands after
the meeting! I know with out a doubt that they are men truly called of
God! What an amazing experience to talk with and meet Elder David A.
Bednar! And then yesterday, our stake got to hear from President
Wright and Bishop Davies again! What a spiritually powerful and
exhausting weekend!

At MLC on Friday, I received a lot of revelation. The spirit was
telling me left and right things that I need to work on and improve
and things I should do to increase my conversion to this work and this
gospel. At the end of each MLC, we had a departing testimony meeting
where all the missionaries that are leaving this transfer get up and
bare their testimonies. I watched as dear friends got up and bore sure
testimonies. I had been feeling the spirit all day, but during the
testimony meeting, I felt the presence of the Holy Ghost the
strongest. At the end of testimony meeting, president wright gets up,
looks at me and then asks me if I'd be willing to get up and share my
testimony. I've learned on my mission that as you share your testimony
and the things you learn out loud, the spirit will reveal new things
to you and secure the testimony of which you are bearing. And during
my testimony at MLC, the spirit just solidified everything I had
learned that day. I realized that there was a lot of things that I
need to improve on. A lot of things that I needed to change. I bore a
sure, but simple testimony about sacrifice and conversion. It was such
a powerful experience that day at MLC and Elder Bednar just added to
the experience so much! He talked a lot about what I had learned from
the sprint at MLC. It was an amazing weekend. I am so grateful for the
Holy Ghost. How cool is it that we have a member of the Godhead with
us all the time?! He testifies of truth and He witnesses to us the
reality of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I know that Heavenly
Father does hear and answer prayers. I know that through the Atonement
of Jesus Christ I can not only be forgiven of my sins, but I can find
strength to overcome my weaknesses and trials. How grateful I am to be
a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! I love
you all and hope you have an amazing week!

Love always, Sister Thompson 🌻
Jelly belly!
Cali sunset
Hour of service this week! Delivering brownies!

Sister Nwagharau and I at MLC! She goes home is three weeks :(
Our view at dinner in Santa Rosa Friday night

The Cordelia wind is bad this time of year haha
At dinner with the Stagners! Two of their boys DJ and Kekoa!

The story of the Anti Nephi Lehi s has become one of my favorites!

All the full time missionaries in Fairfield sang at a fireside last night!

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