Wednesday, April 6, 2016

General Conference!!

Hi family!

We have had an INCREDIBLE week and it ended with an AMAZING General
Conference! The work is picking up here in Fairfield and we are seeing
miracles! Here are the highlights from this week!

On Monday night last week, we went and did FHE with a single mom in
the Cordelia 1st Ward! Her name is Sister Chambers and she has three
kids running around the house. She is currently dating a non member
and he was home and joined us for family night! It was super fun! We
played Simon says with them and tied it into general conference and
following the prophet! Her boyfriend asked us a lot of questions and
ended up wanting to watch general conference this weekend! We will
have to follow up to see what he thought about it! Hopefully he will
be interested in learning more!

Tuesday, we had an awesome zone meeting! Since we had just watched the
general women's meeting a few days earlier, our relief society
instincts kicked in and we decorated the room before the zone leader
showed up! Haha we had table clothes and center pieces, little cute
hand outs and reminders. It was great! Haha I taught a few segments on
using Facebook, using members, and keeping a study journal! It turned
out really well and the zone leaders did an awesome job teaching their
segments on diligence and improving our teaching skills! Later on
Tuesday, we had a Skype lesson with Lyndon! He is doing awesome and
still working towards his baptismal date on April 30th! And Tuesday
night we picked up a new investigator! He is from India and we can't
pronounce his first name so we just call him by his last name which is
Dilon! Haha he is neighbors with the Thomas' in our Ward and he always
see missionaries going over there! We meet him outside his house last
week and we were able to go over Tuesday and teach him!  He's in his
50's and he is so funny! We were laughing pretty hard while we were
talking with him! He said he wanted to watch general conference, but
we need to follow up with it today!

We had awesome lessons with Ally this week! She is getting excited for
her baptism in a couple of weeks! Her and her mom watched the women's
meeting last week and loved it! Pray that Ally will continue to
progress towards her baptism!

A huge miracle we had this week was Keri! She is a friend of Sister
Seymour in our Ward and sister Seymour invited her over on Wednesday
morning when we came over to do service for the seymours! Keri is in
her 30s and she has a little four year old boy! And Keri is golden!
She is so interested in learning and she wants a better relationship
with God! We were able to go back over the next day and teach her the
restoration and it was a powerful lesson! She has such a strong desire
to know for herself if this church is true! She went over to the
Seymours to watch general conference yesterday so we will see what she
thought! Man, we have a lot of following up to do! I love it!

We found out transfers this weekend :( and sister Ward is leaving
us...sad day! Sister Ward is going to Rohnert Park though so I'm super
excited for her to be over in the San Rafael Stake though! But now it
will just be Sister Aiton and I covering the Cordelia 1st Ward and the
Rockville YSA Ward! The work is really picking up so hopefully we can
handle everything! I'm excited for this next transfer, but I am SO sad
to see Sister Ward go! She has become one of my best friends so
hopefully I will get to serve around again!

General Conference was AMAZING! On Saturday we watched both sessions
at the stake center! We did service in between sessions and right
after the last session too! It was a good day and I LOVED conference!
On Sunday, we went over to Elder and a Sister Nordfeldts
apartment(they're a senior couple that works on the Air Force base
here) and they cooked breakfast for us sister missionaries and then we
watched conference there! And then the afternoon session we watched at
the Thomas' house! We spent the rest of the day saying goodbye to
people for Sister Ward!

Before I end this letter, I want to share a couple things that really
stood out to me from conference! First off, during D. Todd
Christofferson's talk about fathers, I was thinking about dad the
whole time! Everyone who is reading this, I want you to know that my
dad is the perfect example of a good father. He has taught his
children the gospel and has lived the gospel himself. He has been a
role model for me all through life! He is a hard worker but ALWAYS
finds time to spend time with his family! I cherish the moments when
he would come home from a long night shift at work, but he would still
go outside and throw the football with me! Thank you dad for being my
friend and example! I love you! Second, I loved Steven E. Snow's talk
about humility! Wow, what an incredible attribute for someone to have!
I loved when he said, "Through eyes of humility, we see miracles."
That statement is SO true! Especially while on the mission, when I
have truly been humble, that's when I see God's hand in my life that
day and I can see the miracles that happened! Humility is something I
am still working on, and is something I think I will always been
working on, but Heavenly Father knows I'm trying haha. Anyways, I
loved conference and I hope you received your own personal prophetic
epistle this weekend! I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love always, Sister Thompson 🌻
Fairfield Zone after zone meeting!
Pictures from service!

Pictures from service!
The little girl was upset so I went over and started showing her my name tag!
Us sisters at the Nordfeltds watching conference!

So a member cut my hair today! I kept the length but added bangs! I
think I like it better when I have bangs!

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