Sunday, August 23, 2015

Great Ten Days!


Oh man, so much has happened in the last 10 days! I don't even know where to begin?!? Sike. I do know where to begin...


We were teaching him last Tuesday and he was saying how excited he was to be baptized, so we moved his baptism date up a week! So Steve is getting baptized this Saturday the 22nd!!! We have everything planned and we are so excited for Steve! I will send pictures on Monday!!

Let's see...what else happened...oh yeah! I'm in a trio now! Sister Jordan is now sister majors and I companion! Sister Jordan companion was suppose to go home in two weeks, but some family stuff was happening so she left early. So sister Jordan came with us! Sister Jordan has only been out a month on the mission and she's from Wahoo, Nebraska! We have a fun time when she says that haha but she's awesome! So we are in a trio for the last two weeks of the transfer! Sister Jordan will most likely be going back to her old area at the end of the transfer. I can't believe sister majors is going home in two doesn't seem real. I'm going to miss her!!

We picked up two new investigators in the last ten days! Nancy and Fred! They are both former investigators that stopped meeting with the missionaries about two years ago. We went over to Nancy's last week and she was more than happy to see us! She said she stopped meeting with missionaries because of personality conflicts with one of the sisters, but that she really likes what we share! She agreed to letting us start coming over and teaching her again! And Fred we met with for the first time last night! He is SOLID. He knows a lot about the church because missionaries have been coming by for the past eight years. He said he hasn't felt that this gospel was for him, so I asked him if he's prayed about it and asked God if this is what He wants him to do. He said no, and that that's probably the reason why he hasn't felt like it was true yet. We invited him to pray and he said he would. So hopefully he will know and feel that this is for him!

Let's see, other cool things that happened...we had zone conference on Friday last week! I LOVE zone conference! It's where president and sister weight and the APs come and teach us! I absolutely adore the Wrights! I have missed serving around them! They talked a lot about becoming a consecrated missionary and studying the scriptures. The Book of Mormon has become my favorite book in the entire word. I was able to finish it this past week for the first time on my mission. I can't even begin to explain the love that I have for the Book of Mormon! I don't know if it's because I'm set apart as a missionary or that I'm putting more effort into my studies, but I am able to understand the Book of Mormon and its stories a lot better than before my mission! There is SO much we can learn from it! I know without a doubt that the Book of Mormon is true and that it was written for us in these days. I love being able to share the Book of Mormon with everyone because I know the happiness it can bring to them! I want to challenge anyone who reads this to mark your favorite scriptures In a Book of Mormon and hand it out to someone. Explain to them that you marked some scriptures in it and leave them with your testimony of it! Let me know how it goes!

On Friday night, the Rohnert Park chapel was showing Meet the Mormons so we invited Amelia(our recent convert) and Steve to come! We were able to watch the movie with them and talk with them about it afterwards! They both loved it! Not going to lie, I totally cried when it showed the guy opening and reading his mission literally seems like that was last week for me! Times flies!

Saturday last week, us and the hermanas went chalking! It's where you draw the plan of salvation on the side walk at a park with chalk! Haha it was so fun! We took pictures and videos of it so I will send those!

Church was good this week! Steve came and Camilo! Camilo is doing great! He agreed to stop drinking on Tuesday of this week so we will see how that is going! His two kids are home now so we will get to meet them soon! I'm so excited! Camilo said he is going to bring his kids to church every week so that's pretty cool! Haha Sister majors and I took a video with Camilo last week so I will send that so you can see what he is like haha he's great. 

We went on exchanges on Tuesday this week! Sister Jordan and I went with Hermana Gonzalez in her area, so we got to practice our Spanish for the day haha I'm pretty good at contacting people in Spanish but after that I don't know where to go. I can understand what they are saying but I have no idea how to answer back in Spanish! Haha I'll work on it! 

And to end the great ten days we just had, we got to go to the Oakland temple this morning as a zone! Oh man, I love the Oakland temple! We had Bear and Terri drive us to the temple. Bear and Terri are a couple in our Ward! Terri was a less active for most of her life but has just recently, like in the past year, come back to the church. Her husband, Bear, began investigating the church and was baptized a little over a year ago! That's what really got Terri coming back to church! But about two months ago, Bear and Terri went through the temple for the first time and received their endowments. So today was only about the third time at either of them had been to the temple! They are both so sweet and I just love them so much! We go and do service at their house every Thursday morning and they LOVE the missionaries! Haha Terri calls us her babies. It's great haha. But I will send pictures from the temple and videos from the temple trip today!

Know that I am doing great and loving everything! My testimony grows stronger and stronger everyday and I am learning more and more everyday! I love this gospel, I love this work, and I love my savior! I hope you all have a great week!

Love always, Sister Thompson 🌻
Me and elder Olson! I served around him my first two transfers and
he's going home in two weeks! He's from Spanish fork and totally knows
savannah haha ask if she knows a Dylan Olson?

The girls at zone conference! With sister wright!

After meet the Mormons with Steve! Haha sister Jordan is wearing
steves cowboy hat

Sister majors and I :)

A picture from chalking!

Temple trip

Hogwarts Circle!

Cool picture I took of my name tag and I ring I have. Always a sister :) 

We tried finding a potential in the middle of nowhere...haha so we
took pictures on the way! The foothills of Petaluma! 

A picture from exchanges last week! Sister Holguin, majors, Gonzalez and I 
A pretty sunset while Tracting :) 
In the car 
Hog warts Circle haha 
A giant moth outside our apartment!

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