Monday, August 3, 2015

I Love Sundays!

Hello everyone!!

What a great week! Oh man, I love life! Petaluma California is so great! Beautiful weather and wonderful people! 

So I'll tell you a little bit about the people we meet with here in Petaluma! Now that I've been here for a little bit, I kind of know the area and the people! So our investigators... 
STEVE. Steve is progressing really well! He is 50 years old and he is really into planes. We had a baptismal date set for him for this Saturday but we need to push it back so we can teach him everything! But he is so sweet and loves meeting with us and learning! He wants to be baptized so hopefully that will be soon! 
PAUL. Paul is a 27 year old who use to be a member of the church but was excommunicated a few years back. He decided that he wants to come back to the church so we are teaching him the lessons! He's very blunt but he's hilarious.
CAMILO. So we actually met Camilo on Saturday night! Meeting him was an answer to our prayers. Saturday had been a LONG day and after dinner we just had finding planned. And we did not have to motivation to do anything. So I said a prayer to help me get through the night, then we went to work. We started walking and we get about 10 minutes away from our apartment when all of a sudden a man pops his head out of a window and yells Hey! What church are you from? And we answer back, The Mormon church! And he's gets all excited and invites us over to his garage. He opens up his garage door and there's a ping pong table. He tells us that he has been talking to God and that he knows that we walked by his place because God sent us. He then invites us to a game of ping pong. And how could I say no? We told him that if we beat him, he would have to watch a video we have and listen to what we have to say. So we played ping pong. And we won. Haha so we showed him the Because He Lives video and talked to him about his beliefs. He moved to America in 2000 from Brazil. He isn't married anymore but he has two kids that are 12 and 10 and they're in Brazil for the summer but they are coming back for school. Camilo is VERY outgoing and talk your ear off about everything. Haha we were laughing so hard the whole time because 1) Camilo is hilarious 2) we played ping pong to get a lesson and 3) the whole thing seemed unreal . We invited Camilo to church the next day and he said he would come! After we walked away, sister majors and I just stared at each other for a little bit and then started laughing again because that whole thing just really happened! God had answered my prayer about being able to make it through the night. Meeting Camilo lifted both mine and sister majors spirits and we were able to work hard the rest of the night with enthusiasm!

So those are our investigators right now! But here are some other people we are working with right now!
AMELIA. Amelia was baptized back in May of this year so she is a recent convert. So we are reteaching her all the lessons right now! She is a cute, small 31 year old oriental girl that LOVES learning. She always has great questions and adores the church! She is awesome!
SIS. OLER. Sis. OLER is a sweet older lady that is currently less active. We go and visit her once a week and she loves when we come by! She doesn't come to church because she says it's hard for her to find the strength and motivation to come. But she loves the gospel and loves learning! 
BRO. ROWLEY. Bro. Rowley is a 87 year old man that lives in a assisted living home. He's a member of the church but can't make it to church anymore so we go over once a week and read from the Book of Mormon with him. He is so cute. Haha he cracks jokes with us and loves it when we come by! 
CYNTHIA. Cynthia is a less active that has just recently been trying to come back to church. She's in her 40s and hasn't been to church in 15 years. So we also visit her once a week and teach her! She is a sweetheart and has a desire to start coming back to church! 

So the greatest thing happened yesterday at church....everyone except for one person that I mentioned above came to church!!!!!! Everyone came except for Bro. Rowley! It was so cool! Steve came, Paul came, Camilo came, Amelia came, Sis. Oler came, and Cynthia came!!! And the funniest things happened yesterday too haha so it was Camilos first time ever coming to church and it was fast a testimony meeting. And the first guy that gets up is a boy in our Ward that is leaving on his mission in two weeks and he starts talking about how scared he is but how he knows it's what he needs to do. The guy is getting emotional and Camilo starts crying too. Then all of a sudden, in the middle of this boys testimony, Camilo raises his hand and yells "You got this brother!" Hahaha the boy starts laughing and says thanks. Haha sis majors and I were trying so hard to hold back our laughter! Oh and during the sacrament, Camilo tried picking out the biggest piece of bread because he said he was hungry haha also, I got up to bear my testimony and on my way back down Camilo yells, That's my girl! Hahaha oh man Camilo....haha and then he participated all through gospel principles and priesthood. Haha he is too great! He said he really likes our church and is planning on coming forever haha hopefully we will baptize him soon! 

Some other highlights from the week....sister majors and I decided we were going to bike a couple of days! I LOVE BIKING! We did it for two days straight this week and we absolutely love it! You can talk to so mAny more people when you are on a bike! One downside to riding a bike, I forgot sunscreen. So I got sunburned hahaha i will send you pictures. Nothing too bad, it turned into a tan haha. Also, I'm on Facebook now! So people from back home are allowed to follow me on Facebook but we can't be friends. You can find me as Sister-Kristina Jo Thompson. I don't use it very much, it's mostly just to communicate with members and investigators. But feel free to follow me anyways! I will be posting pictures and status every now and again! 

Well, this week was long, but SO great! I love being a missionary and love this gospel! I love you all! Have a great week! :)

Love always, Sister Thompson :) 

 A really cool door bell of a door we knocked on
Someone had a clock in their tree
Me and sis majors
Hermana Campbell and I with our sunburns haha
Sunburn pictures haha

 Some Petaluma missionaries
A picture I took in the car. Petaluma is pretty
All the Petaluma missionaries doing service. Every Saturday morning we
go to the community garden and help harvest food. We got to pick
strawberry a this week :)
Sis majors and I eating subway. Cuz why not?

 Reading scriptures on a swing
And then sis majors and I in the car hahaha I love sister majors!

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