Monday, August 24, 2015

So Guess What?

So guess what....?


The baptism was awesome! It happened at 11am on Saturday and a lot of members showed up to support Steve! Steve was so excited and he said he felt so at peace afterwards and he said he felt clean. The spirit was so strong in the room! I saved a couple of programs from the baptism so I'll send one home so you can see it! I'm so proud of Steve and his decision to be baptized! I know Heavenly Father is proud of him too! Steve was also confirmed in church yesterday! Steve showed up to church wearing a newly bought suit! Haha that was the first time any of us had seen him dressed up! He talked to us after church and he said he felt so good and that he feels different. He said he is so happy! AHHHHHHHH! I love missionary work! The scripture that says "how great will be your joy if you bring one soul unto me"'s true. Haha I'm so happy! I'm so grateful for the spirit, for the scriptures, for preach my gospel, and for this Ward! What a great weekend!

Oh and church yesterday! SO GOOD! So to add to Steve's confirmation, Camilo brought his two kids to church for the first time! He has a 12 year old daughter named Anna Sophia and a 10 year old son named Antonio! They are awesome kids and they loved church! When church started, I looked around me and there was Steve, our new recent convert, Camilo and his kids, a family that is going to be baptized soon(hopefully), Amelia, another recent convert, Cynthia, a less active, and many Ward members that I feel like they are family! I started to tear up during sacrament meeting because my heart was overflowing with love and gratitude. I can't even explain our grateful I am for this opportunity to serve. I love this work!

After church, we walked over to Camilos and got to know his kids a little better! We taught them a short lesson about our purpose as missionaries. Camilo bore his testimony to his kids about what the gospel has done for him in his life. He talked about how happy he is and how much peace he feels in his life since he started meeting with us.(we've only taught Camilo the restoration and the first half of the plan of salvation, nothing else yet.) his testimony was so sweet and it really hit home for his kids. They all said they were going to come to church every Sunday!!

Well, that's about it for this weeks email! It's only been about four days since I lasted emailed haha but know that I am doing great! We find our transfers this week on Friday so we will see what happens! Hopefully I stay here because I love this Ward I'm in! But I will let you know next week! I love you all!

Love always, Sister Thompson 🌻
We helped paint a day care center! So we played with the toys and
outfits while doing it haha 
Steve's confirmation

Hahahahahaha Camilo gave us three of his work jumpsuits as a gift.
Hahaha we loved it! 

Steve's baptism

Steve's baptism 
Elder Reeder from Nampa. He took my name tag, so we had to take a picture. haha

Hermana Gonzalez took that picture of me...pretty much sums up my
mission. PURE JOY

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