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July 27, 2015
Hello from PETALUUUUMA(said with a British accent)  :)

Oh man, where to even begin!? I love Petaluma, CA! And the Petaluma 1st Ward is awesome! I already love the people here! Our Ward covers the east side of Petaluma. So everything east of the California 101. I took a screen shot of the ward boundaries on so I'll send that picture so you can see! But Petaluma is so cute! It actually reminds me a lot of Idaho! On the outskirts of town there are foothills and lots of farm land. It looks a lot like the foothills in eagle! But the weather is a lot different than eagle haha there is ALWAYS an ocean breeze here. And it never gets hotter than about 85 degrees and never cooler that about 50 degrees. I LOVE IT. If you drive like 30 minutes west from Petaluma you hit the ocean. We are planning on going there as a zone soon on PDay! Speaking of that, my zone is great! All the missionaries are sweet! And my companion....LOVE HER. Sister Majors is from Salt Lake City, UT and she is probably the most chill person I have ever met. She's 5'0" and I'm 5'8" so there's a little height difference between us haha but I love her! She is so easy going but she still likes to work hard! We get along great and I'm so excited for this transfer! But it's sad to think that sis. Majors is going home in 5 weeks! She says it doesn't seem real and that the mission went by way too fast. But she's excited to she her family! 

As for the work in this area, we have three investigators right now. Steve, a 50 year old man that has a baptismal date for August 8th! We taught Steve once this past week and he is great! He's very open to learning and we are hoping to get him baptized on August 8th but it might have to be pushed back. But I'm on team Steve. He's going to get baptized soon! Our other investigators I haven't actually met yet haha but we are meeting with one tonight, Paul. He's a 29 year old that was excommunicated but is trying to come back to the church. So we are helping him do that! And then our other investigator is Kathy. I don't know much about her, but they just picked her up as an investigator so she hasn't been taught much! As for the ward, they are so great! I feel like I have been serving here for months already! They are so welcoming! There is A LOT of less active work to be done though. So sister majors and I will be busy this transfer! I'm so excited! 

I have fallen in love with teaching and meeting people! I think that's my favorite part about missions, meeting new people, making new friends, and being able to teach the restored gospel to those people! I just love everything about missions!! I highly recommend serving a mission...haha it's the best. I love you all!

Love always, sister Thompson :) 

Pics from last week:
Mike and Ken!
Grandma and Terry(less actives)
Apartment pictures before transfers!( I forgot to tell you! At
transfer meeting president wright got up to talk and he said he felt
like a special musical number so he calls up me, sister Whimpey, and
two elders to sing I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go on the spot! It
turned out really good! But my heart dropped when he said my name!
Haha it was great though!)

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