Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Weekend To Remember

Nov. 2, 2015
Hello everyone!

Man, oh man...what a great week! To start out, let me tell you about a
few rule changes we had this week! So we no longer have to listen just
to MoTab! That's right! We are allowed to listen to anything that is
uplifting and spiritual now! Also, just a heads up, our Pday next week
is on Thursday because we are going to the temple! I'm so excited! I
love the Oakland temple! But that means I will be emailing on Thursday
next week!

What a great week we had over here in Petaluma, California! So on
Monday night we went over to Larry's house and did a FHE with him and
his wife Alicia! The Spanish elders came too because they are teaching
Alicia the lessons right now! It was really fun! We carved pumpkins
together and then did a short lesson afterwards! On Tuesday, we had
zone meeting and that's were we learned about the music rule change!
On Wednesday, we taught Camilo his last lesson before his baptism! Oh
Thursday, we went to Sister Flemmings house in Rohnert Park in the
morning and helped shear sheep again! It was so much fun! We took lots
of pictures!

This weekend though was definitely the highlight of the week! So quick
update, remember the Samoan family we found? So I love them. Like a
lot. Haha but each time we went over this week to see them, the mom
was sleeping! Her name is Ulita and she has 8 kids ages 8 months-16
years old. But we finally caught her awake Friday afternoon! We were
able to come in and meet some of the kids and get to know them a
little bit better! Ulita reminds me a lot of Leah! Turns out Ulita has
met with missionaries before and her mom and sister are members but
she's not. She wanted to wait to get baptized until her kids wanted to
get baptized as well. She really wants her kids to be taught by us! I
showed her and her 16 year daughter pictures of Leah and Nikki and
Ulita started crying. She said it meant so much to her knowing that I
have Samoan sisters that are adopted. She said that if they would have
stayed in Samoa that they wouldn't have had a future. She was so
touched by our family and the adoption! I love her! 

On Friday Camilo had his baptismal interview with our district leader in the morning!
Our district leader said that it was one of the most spiritual
experiences of his mission. On Friday night, our ward and the second
ward did a combined trunk or treat! The second ward elders and us did
a missionary trunk together! Haha we took pictures don't worry! But it
was fun seeing everyone dressed up! On Saturday, we had Camilo's
baptism!!! What an amazing experience! The spirit was so strong and
Camilo was in tears afterwards! Sister Majors came back for the
weekend for Camilo's baptism! It was so fun seeing her again! I've
missed her! After the baptism, Camilo threw a BBQ at his house! We
never get tired of Camilo's BBQs! Haha all the missionaries love it
when Camilo throws a BBQ because he invites all the missionaries over!
I love Camilo and his family so much! Saturday night, since it was
Halloween, we weren't allowed to be out after dinner, so we had a Zone
Halloween Party at the church! We played basketball and carved
pumpkins! It was a great way to end the day!

But Sunday was by far the best day this week! Camilo was confirmed
yesterday and Steve passed the sacrament for the first time! Oh and
get this, Camilo shaved. EVERYTHING. Yeah, he shaved his beard and his
head! I could barely recognize him! But he looks good! Fast and
testimony meeting yesterday was sooooo amazing. Camilo bore his
testimony...he is so great. I want all of you to meet Camilo. Camilo's
son, Antonio, got up and bore his testimony. We were not expecting
that! But he bore the sweetest testimony I have ever heard! There
wasn't a dry eye in the room after he was done! We haven't been able
to teach Camilo's kids very much because they aren't home very often,
but Antonio's testimony yesterday, was incredible. Hopefully his kids
will be baptized soon! Camilo was in tears all during sacrament
meeting! It's moments like these that I will cherish for the rest of
my life! After sacrament meeting, a woman came up to us and said that
there was a Polynesian family in the hallways looking for the sister
missionaries! Sister Jordan and I ran out to see Ulita and four of her
kids standing there! They made it to church!!! Ulita brought her four
little ones to church, two five year old, a three year old, and her 8
months old! They are all soooo cute! When they saw me, they ran up to
me and gave me the biggest hugs! I love them so much! They grabbed my
hand and I led them to primary! Ulita and her 8 month old, Hope, came
to gospel principles! Hope is adorable and we were all distracted by
her during class! Haha then in relief society her 3 year old,
Matthias, didn't like nursery so he came and spent relief society with
us! Man, her kids are so cute! But Ulita loved church and she said
she's going to bring all of her kids next week! What a great Sunday!

I love being a missionary and I love this work! My joy is so full! I
don't have the words to express how I feel but just know that I have
never been happier! I love you all!

Love always, Sister Thompson 🌻

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