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Nov. 12, 2015
Hello from Northern California!

It's been an incredible week and a half since I last wrote! I wish I
could tell you every single detail from each day, but those stories
will have to wait! For now, I'll just tell you some of the highlights
and update you on our teaching pool!

We went on exchanges last week and I was in the Spanish area with
Hermana Navarro! We had a great time! The young women from the Spanish
branch and the Rohnert park 3rd Ward cooked us dinner! It was fun
talking with the girls and the food was delicious! We did service at
Nana's house last week too! Nana always takes us out to lunch after
service, we love it! Last Friday, we had zone conference! Normally
it's just San Rafael North and South zones that do zone conference
together, but this time Santa Rosa North and South zones joined us!
There was about 50 missionaries total there! We heard from president
and sister Wright and the assistants! It was an awesome day!

Everyone we are teaching right now is doing great! Camilo is still as
awesome as always! He has such a strong testimony of this gospel! It's
incredible to see the change in him since we met him to now! So
grateful for him! We also set baptismal dates with his kids Anna and
Antonio for December 5th! Camilo is preparing himself right now to
receive the priesthood so he can baptize his kids on that day! They
are both really excited to be baptized, especially after seeing their
dad do it and the happiness it has brought into his life! The kids
stay with their mom in Navato during the week and she's not religious
at all, but she is ok with the kids deciding to be baptized! Very
grateful for that! Antonio said the cutest thing during his prayer the
other day while we were teaching him. He asked Heavenly Father to
please help his mom have a faith in Jesus Christ so that they can go
to the temple together as a family...that melted my heart. Both Anna
and Antonio have a solid testimony of the gospel, it's just up to us
to teach them everything before baptism now! Pray for Anna and Antonio
that everything will go smoothly leading up to their baptisms! Ulita,
the Samoan mom, is doing great! I have such a strong love for the
Fifita family! They weren't able to make it to church on Sunday
because of football, but they took us out to dinner last night! Ulita
has a crazy life right now, so it's hard to catch her and her kids at
home, so pray that we will be able to teach her and her kids! We have
a new investigator named JoAnne, she is a 71 year old lady who is
looking for a new organized religion to join! She is adorable haha her
hair is always sticking up all over the place whenever we see her! I
love it! We haven't been able to teach her a lot yet, but she wants to
learn what we believe and she said, and I quote, "Even if I don't
believe what you're teaching, I still want to come to church and just
be apart of it." So hopefully she will gain a testimony of what we are
teaching and come to church on Sunday! Everyone else we are teaching
right now is doing great! We have a solid teaching pool right now, so
we are staying busy! I love it!

Well as I am writing this email, I am on my way home from the Oakland
Temple! The temple was great and SO beautiful! I seriously LOVE
Northern California. I love that I get to call Northern California
home for 18 months! Know that I am doing great and loving every second
of my mission! I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love always, Sister Thompson 🌻

Oakland Temple
Young Women made us dinner

With sister kilmurray, a less active. She made us a goody basket! So
we took pictures with it haha and then we just had fun taking pictures
in the car!

Wild turkeys

The Elders decorated our door

It's rainy and cold now.

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