Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Good Weekend!

Nov. 16, 2015

So it's only been a short few days since I last wrote, but it has been
a good weekend!

We taught Camilo and his kids a couple of times! They are all doing
really well! Anna Sophia and Antonio are both still excited for
baptism and they are understanding everything! Camilo is preparing
right now to receive the Aaronic priesthood soon so he can baptize his
kids on the 5th of December! I love the Gomes family!

Our other investigators are doing good! We met with Ultia and some of
her kids on Saturday but they didn't make it to church yesterday...but
we will keep trying! Her kids are the cutest! And they are SO
Polynesian! Haha always fighting and punching each other, but they
have so much love for each other at the same time! But church
yesterday was great! And we had dinner with the Wasdens yesterday and
sister Wasden made gumbo for us! She's from Louisiana so she made
authentic gumbo! It was so good! Today for pday, Sister Jordan and I
went to downtown Petaluma and just walked around and took pictures!
Downtown Petaluma is so cute! I love it! We found some cute bistros
and cafes and cool little shops! I love Petaluma!

So this week on Saturday we find out what is happening with transfers
on the 24th...I absolutely LOVE Petaluma and all the people here and
it's more likely that I will be leaving because I've been here longer
than sister Jordan. But there is a slight possibility that I will stay
and 6-month it here in Petaluma! But the thought of saying goodbye to
the people I've met here breaks my heart...but not my will, Gods will
be done. I'll go wherever God needs me to be!

Well that's it for this weekend! Sorry it's so short, but know that I
am working hard each day, walking a lot, praying every chance I get,
sharing my testimony constantly, finding ways to serve those around
me, and loving every second of it! The key to happiness is losing
yourself in the service of others! Pray for opportunities to serve
someone this week, recognize the opportunity, and act on it! You'll be
happier as you focus on making others happy! I can promise you that! I
love you all and hope you have a wonderful week full of service!

Love always, Sister Thompson 🌻

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