Monday, November 23, 2015


Hello everyone!

What a great week we've had here in Petaluma, California! The work is
going great and we are continuing to see miracles each day! So to
start off, I'll tell you what's happening with transfers tomorrow!
First off, they did it differently this time...they normally tell us
who is going, where we are going, who is going to be our new companion
on Saturday night but this time they are only telling us who is going
and who is staying! Nobody will find out where anyone is going until
the transfer meeting on Tuesday! So on Saturday night, the zone
leaders called us and told us that Sister Jordan is going and I am
staying! And guess what? IM TRAINING! Yep, that's right!! I'm training
a BRAND NEW missionary! I'm having a baby!! And it's a girl! I am so
excited for this opportunity, but I am so nervous too! But since I am
staying, that means I'll be spending 6 months of my mission here in
Petaluma! But I absolutely love it here so I'm fine staying another
transfer! But Sister Jordan is leaving :( and we don't know where she
is going or who her companion is! I'm going to miss Sister Jordan but
I'm excited for this new opportunity and change!

Our investigators are doing good! This area is doing really well so
I'm excited to show my cute greenie how fun and awesome missionary
work is! Just a few highlights from this week: District Meeting on
Tuesday was so fun! We focused on the Book of Mormon and it was great
because the Book of Mormon is my favorite book in the entire world! I
have fallen in love with the scriptures and I am so grateful for them!
On Friday, we met with Camilo and Bear and Terri in the family history
center at our church so Camilo could start doing his family history!
He is really excited to be able to take names to the temple! Bear and
Terri are the family history specialists in our ward so it was great
because Camilo knows them both really well! Also on Friday, for weekly
planning, Sister Jordan and I went to downtown Petaluma to a little
bistro called The Water Front Bistro. It's right next to the river
that runs through Petaluma, so we sat outside, did our planning, ate
food, and just enjoyed being in Petaluma! It was great! On Saturday,
we helped a family in our ward move. We are sad to see them go, but
pray that we will be able to find another family to replace them!

So this week is Thanksgiving and I want to leave you all with a
challenge. This week, before thanksgiving, I want you to do a
gratitude prayer! It's a prayer where you only give thanks to Heavenly
Father and I want you to imagine that if you wake up the next morning
and the only things you had were the things that you thanked Heavenly
Father for the day before, what would you be grateful for? Heavenly
Father has blessed each of us so much and we should recognize that
everything we have is because of Him. I hope you all have a great
thanksgiving! I am so grateful for each one of you and for your
support! I love you all!

Love always, Sister Thompson 🌻

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