Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy Almost December!

Hey everyone!

Happy thanksgiving! It was so fun hearing the stories from
thanksgiving! Sounds like I have to work on my bowling skills before I
get home so I get beat dad! Thanksgiving on the mission field was
awesome! But SO MUCH FOOD. Haha we had a thanksgiving lunch with the
Terribilini family at 1pm and then we had a thanksgiving dinner at 4pm
with the Jorgenson family! Brother Jorgenson is a retired gourmet
chef, so dinner was DELICIOUS. It was so fun being around big families
and just enjoying each other's company! We did service at Sister
Flemmings farm thanksgiving morning and in between meals we did weekly
planning! So it was an awesome day!

So let me tell you what happen this week, who my cute new companion
is, and how everyone is doing! So on Tuesday morning, Sister Jordan
and the hermanas took off for Santa Rosa for the transfer meeting and
I stayed here in Petaluma and Sister Ngawharau was my companion for
the day!! I love sister Ngawharau! She is also training so we spent
the day together and then headed up to Santa Rosa Wednesday morning to
pick up our new companions! Being companions with sister Ngawharau was
definitely a tender mercy for me. I was really nervous about training
so sister Ngawharau was able to give me advice all day and help calm
my fears! Plus, since we lived together for three months, it was like
spending the day with an old friend! We had so much fun being together
again! On Wednesday morning, we left early because we went and had
breakfast with the Groesbecks in Santa Rosa! The Groesbecks are the
Rays cousins! I love the Groesbeck family! Then we went to the church
and received training from president and sister Wright and then we got
our greenies! My new companion in Sister Nelson! She is from a small
town in Wyoming called Worland! Her mom actually grew up in Preston,
ID and went to Preston High! So dad, do you know the Hatch family?
Rustin or Heidi Hatch? Well if you do, Heidi Hatch is Sister Nelsons
mom! Anyways, Sister Nelson is AWESOME! She is so willing to try
everything and to jump right into missionary work! She's a little
quiet in lessons right now, but she's warming up! Her and I get along
really well! We laugh ALL THE TIME and I love it! Couldn't have asked
for a better daughter!

On Sister Nelsons first day, we had dinner with the Schmidt family and
they made a greenie dinner for her! They put green food coloring in
all of her food! It was awesome! We also both tried oysters for the
first time there! Not too bad, but not my favorite haha. Also on her
first day, her first contact told us that we were weeds and that if we
weren't doing what we were doing that we would be flowers, but no, we
were weeds in his eyes. Haha sister Nelson got a kick out of that so
right there I knew this was going to be a great transfer! It's so fun
showing someone he ropes of missionary work! There's so many things to
teach and talk about! But sister Nelson is doing awesome and we are
having a blast! She went on her first Tracting experience on Saturday
and it was great haha she got to see what it's like to be rejected,
accepted, ignored, etc. But she really loves being a missionary, so
it's going to be a good transfer!

Our investigators are doing good! Camilo's kids are still on schedule
to get baptized on the 12th of December! And get this, Ultia called us
this morning and she told us that she wants her and her kids to be
baptized BEFORE Christmas!!! WHAT.?! That just doesn't happen! So now
we are on full throttle to get them ready for baptism!! We are seeing
miracles left and right here in Petaluma!

Everything is awesome! We are working hard and loving every second of
it! Have a great week everyone!

Love always, Sister Thompson 🌻

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